Kathleen’s Review: Strawberry Cream Soda…I want one!

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I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on BelleTress’s Biscotti Babe in one of the beautiful custom colors designed by “our” Heather (owner of CysterWigs). I was so torn as to what color I was going to pick but in the end I couldn’t say no to this soft yet dynamic cool pink…Strawberry Cream Soda. 😊 Heather was right when she said in her video review that no matter what light you’re in this color will still read pink. 💕

Below is BB in Strawberry Cream Soda in two natural lighting conditions. The image on the left was taken on my covered deck. Its overcast but you can still see the pink and the silvery platinum blonde in this color mix. Strawberry Cream Soda is a very soft hue and there is a nice separation of colors to make it dynamic. On the right this color appears cooler and takes on a almost lilac hue. The light is coming from my 10” north facing window in my dining room( cool light) If you look at the styrofoam heads you can see the difference between the warm natural light and the cool natural light. More importantly this illustrates the color range of this beautiful pink.

My first thoughts when I opened the box to BB was oooh such a pretty almost silvery pink.

Then I noticed this gorgeous curl pattern. It has that Old Hollywood vibe to it that I adore. The hair fibers are so fine..so light and soft. This color has almost an iridescence to it. It doesn’t have that wiggy shine…its just beautiful. Now the root..oh my goodness the root…amazing..just amazing. A warm medium brown blended so realistically into the main colors of this wig.

The mono top is the best! I am so happy with the quality of BelleTress’s monofilament features. Below is a close up of this beautifully nuanced pink. You can see the platinum colors mixed in with this soft pink. I love the spiral curls on Biscotti Babe. 💕

Below is a collage that illustrates how this color will look to you in most lighting conditions…just gorgeous huh? There is little to no permatease on Biscotti Babe. Its very sleek and flat on top. While that’s very realistic and beautiful I personally need some volume on top so I did play with the part after I made this collage. In the last image of this review you can see it works much better for me now. 😉

I am very impressed with the lace-front on this BB. Its very well done and I would be quite comfortable showing it off. Clipped back this wig would be adorable. Look at that part..its so good..so realistic. Beautiful!…BelleTress’s caps fit me a little big but can be adjusted very easily to fit my petite/average head.

The take away here is if you’ve been looking for a on trend fashion color in a beautifully curled style with a realistic root with all the bells and whistles..mono top and lace-front…than Biscotti Babe in Heathers custom designed color Strawberry Cream Soda is the perfect choice…ENJOY!

Product Listing:
Biscotti Babe by BelleTress (Exclusive Colors) – the Cafe Collection can be found here.

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  1. Eileen
    December 9, 2017 / 4:12 pm

    Great review Kathleen; this is such a cute wig on you! What a fun one to wear on a weekend trip!

    • December 11, 2017 / 5:12 pm

      Thanks Eileen..yes thats a good idea…its really soft and I really am impressd with the mono features of this one..best Kathleen

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