Lace Front Advice (Products to Use, Swimming, Sweating, Applying and Removing, Trimming)

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Email from a client:

“Need advice and help on wearing a lace front. Products to use? Sweatproof? Swimming? Application and removal? How long to wear it? does it need a trim? I’ve watched multiple you tube videos and am SO confused! Thanks!”

Those are great questions for lace fronts. The best product we recommend looking into for a lace front style is the Blue Tape Roll. As you get more wear in your wig, the lace front is going to start to stretch out so you are eventually going to need to use some form of adhesive to keep the lace front in place. The Blue Tape helps keep the lace in place if you start having trouble with it puckering or if the wig keeps moving around. The front of the tape is actually clear and just the back f it is blue.

If you think that sweating is going to be an issue you’ll want to look into using a cotton wig cap. If your head tends to get sweaty or you think all wigs feel like very hot regardless of the cap construction, try and give cotton wig liners a try. They’re relatively inexpensive and can be washed very easily. They might just be the simplest and best thing you could do for your scalp especially in hot weather.

In regards to how swimming will effect your lace front, we really do not advise swimming with your wig on. We really advise wearing a swim cap instead. However, if you really want to swim in a wig, we recommend buying one specifically for this purpose. Chlorine can really do a number on your wigs and the lace fronts, so it’s best not to wear them in the pool unless you have a spare to wear outside of it.

The most important thing when putting on the lace front wig is to make sure the front of the wig lines up with your hairline and that your bio hair is tucked away and secure. You don’t want any bio hairs showing under the lace front. If you are going to use any adhesive, such a tape or glue, use your fingers to smooth the lace down working from the center of the lace towards your ears. If you are going to use some lace tape or glue you are going to want to have some lace solvent available to easily remove the adhesive without causing any damage to the lace. Once the adhesive is dissolved you can remove the wig like you normally would.

With daily wear, your lace front wig should lasts you up to 6 months. But it could lasts you years with proper care and if you rotate wearing it with another wig or wigs to reduce the wear on it. Make sure you don’t scratch your head through the lace front as this can cause tearing and shedding if you loosen up the hairs that are sewed into it. Also, be sure that you are only combing your wig with a wide tooth comb to prevent similar damage from occurring.

The length of a lace front should be about 1/4″ in depth. If you’re feeling like it is coming down too low you certainly can trim the edge with a pair of very sharp scissors to prevent fraying on the edge.

But first I would try playing with the placement of the wig a little further back on your head. This will create more open space on your forehead. I usually tilt my wigs by taking a hold of the ear tabs and positioning one slightly higher than the other – it just makes the hairline look more natural on me. Also, just be careful not to poke the lace front with a pointy object or that will damage the weave of the lace front and create a place it might unravel.

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