Lori’s Review: Claire PM by Noriko, Color: Marble Brown

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Where do I start other than I wish I would have pulled the trigger on getting Ms Claire a long time ago.

I am normally a longer wig wearer, but have been trying to branch out a bit into shorter wigs. Claire is perfect. She has longer hair around the face, so I don’t feel completely exposed. I have always loved Noriko color choices and fibers, as the fibers always wear very well.
Claire is also available in a completely open cap, which would keep the cost down a bit.

I think she is perfect for anyone wanting to try shorter styles, but doesn’t want to jump right into a pixie.

When I first got her, I put her on a wig head and sprayed down the front area with some water, and clipped the bangs back as they were face floppers right out of the box. You can play with her a little to get both sides to flare out in the front, if that’s what you’re going for.

measurements are: Fringe 5.7″, Crown 8.3″, Nape 5.3″. And only weighs 3.2 ounces, so pretty light.

Super cut little wig!

Product Listing:
Claire PM by Noriko


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