Lori’s Review: Stop Traffic by Raquel Welch, Color: Shaded Toast

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Where do I start?

First of all the product photos I feel don’t do this wig justice.  I saw potential and went for it!
This is not a lace front,  but it has a nice light bang.  It does have a larger than normal size mono crown as you can see in my pictures. It also has permatease, but it’s not a crazy amount. I’m not a huge fan of permatease, but it’s placed really well on this one.
Let’s talk about this color. I’m always wearing some type of brunette. I’ve never stepped out of my comfort zone into blondes. I am so glad I did. This color and rooting are beautiful.  Sometimes rooting on blondes can be dark. This one isn’t. It was a tiny bit shiny,  but not enough I felt like I had to use any dry shampoo on it I’ve washed this one, and it bounced right back to the soft waves.
I think because of the length, it’s a perfect everyday wig. ?

Product Listing:
Stop Traffic by Raquel Welch


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