My First Year in Wigs: What I have learned – Part Three by Rachel

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Part 3. It’s a great idea to try a low density wig as your first wig.

Well I just finished up my very first full year of wearing wigs! It has been QUITE a journey and I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work for me. Here’s another thing that I’ve learned during the past year.

Most of my friends knew I started wearing wigs due to alopecia. But people who I didn’t see on a regular basis couldn’t help but notice the TOTAL change in density of my hair. So I was questioned quite a bit. I was always honest and open with my hair loss, and had no problem explaining that I started wearing wigs. I also knew that not everyone would be comfortable with me telling them about my wigs. This is why I suggest that first-time wig owners look into some low density options for your first wig!

For years, wig manufacturers have used permatease when making wigs. The permatease is there for a reason. It actually gives the wigs have some style and lift, but the main reason it’s there is to ensure that no one sees the wefts of hair on wigs. It helps disguise some of the wefts when you style your wig.

Although permatease and high density in wigs can be helpful for styling and disguising wefts, it also makes it look like you have a LOT of hair. In some cases it can even cause your wig to look wiggy. Some people prefer permatease. Especially long-time wig wearers because they’re used to buying wigs when high density and permatease wigs were all that were available from wig manufacturers.

Well, the times have changed and wig manufacturers have caught on to the fact that many new wig wearers these days want ultimate realism when it comes to wearing wigs. This is where low density wigs have come into play. Low density wigs have little to no permatease and sometimes just have less fibers sewn into the wig as well. The low density helps the wigs look more natural since it’s closer to most people’s bio hair density. This makes the transition to wearing wigs a little easier since a low density wig will more closely match the hair density you had prior to hair loss. Low density wigs are also less detectable to the the untrained eye, aka, people who might be more prone to ask questions about your new hair.

Sometimes, wigs with lower density must be carefully styled since there is a greater chance of “weft visibility” if the fibers aren’t perfectly placed. Please keep this in mind if you are interested in a lower density wig.

So in a nutshell, low density wigs might make transitioning from no wigs/bio hair to wearing wigs much easier! Give it a try!

Here is a link to low density wigs at Cysterwigs:

My personal low density favs:
Arrow by Ellen Wille
Code Mono by Ellen Wille
Arya by Tony of Beverly
On Edge by Gabor (Make sure to watch the youtube reviews on this style! It looks much different than the manufacturer’s photos)
Codi XO by Amore

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  1. Lori Stevens
    November 30, 2018 / 8:49 pm

    Hi Rachel! New to wigs, love the post. I have super baby fine hair. I once had a lot of it. My sister had “normal” hair and when I braided her hair and putting into 3 “pony-tails” to weave, I always noted that my entire pony-tail equated to one third of hers. I was always told that my hair was fine but I had a lot of it. Fast forward to me today at 45 with having gone through a hellish year of stress (e.g.: extended unemployment on top of my standard stress (too much to go into) and my hair started falling out. I have my mom’s hair and growing up, my dad would always tell her to shave her head and get a wig.

    So one day on the internet I stumbled across a YouTube video of a girl talking about her topper. I was so intrigued. I went to a local shop and they did not have toppers. They referred me to another local place. I went to that place and was shown two toppers. Now, I have always thought of myself as a blonde. I am a blonde but I’m basically a 14 (Jon Renau – I learned this a bit later). I kept looking at the lighter blonde thinking it was me. The lady was telling me that I was a darker color (probably a 14) but it looked so brown. She quoted me $310 for this piece. I was floored. My actually told me that she really should be starting me out with a full wig, but I didn’t think I needed one – not with the existence of toppers.

    So I went home and started my quest on the internet. First I “borrowed” a human hair color ring. I found my color was a 14. It did match my bio hair but I still wanted to be my vision of blonde, so I decided I would go with the 14/26. I returned the ring and made my first purchase which was completely wrong and expensive. I purchased the easiPart XL Human hair. The color was not a match. It was far too light. It was parted in the center and that’s not my style. So I tried to tame it. I messed with it over several days – not wearing it, just trying it on, once and again. Then I decided I would return it. We it was too late. First the 5 days expired, then I had “messed” with it – a NO NO. So that is sitting in my closet in the box. So I held me breath and tried again. This time with Cysterwigs. I went with the Jon Renau Essential You in 14. So as an FYI to others, this is as low density as you can get (I think). Anyway, it looked good but I felt like I looked like my mom’s high school graduation picture from the late 60’s (think beehive). I was not used to even that much hair. So I gave it a trial run when I went over to my friend’s house for girl talk and wine. She opened the door and said “ooooooo, I like that.” I explained the beehive feeling and she just laughed at me. So I did another trial run. This time meeting a former coworker for lunch. Again, “woooooahh, I like the hair.” Again, going to my son’s middle school and the coordinator telling me she liked my hair. I immediately say it’s fake and showed her how I could flip it up. She said she never would know. So I wore it with confidence after that.

    Then I realized that the wig shop lady was right. I did need to get a full wig because my hairline is barely there, so there is not much for the clips to hold on to. (note, I still can wear this but I’m afraid it will start to do more damage). So I saw the 40% off sale Cysterwigs had on TressAllure and thought, ok, let me try Avery because Heather and Taz looked so awesome in it. HA HA HA. I feel like Jon Bon Jovi in the 80’s when I put that girl on. It has some permatease in it. Again, tried to tame her by combing (with Jon Renau comb) and trying to move the zig-zag part. Finally gave up and she is sitting in my closet in box. Next, I purchased Haute by JR, I am wearing her today but I still think she needs to be thinned out (might try Taz’s technique but it will be more than just the front – so I may be purchasing another one of these). Anyway, long story short, Low Density is a define must for first timers. No permatease or just a tiny bit. Also, as you mentioned, go with something that is similar to your bio hair. Mine was always low density and flat. I will be sticking with that.

    I’m only about 2-3 months into the wig world but I know I already have a lot of advice and a lot to learn.

    • Gina
      December 3, 2018 / 4:23 pm

      Thank you for sharing your story Lori! There is a huge learning curve when we start into this world of wearing hair. It sounds like have already come so far! I hope you are enjoying every moment!

      Have a lovely hair day!

  2. Kit Parkinson
    March 2, 2019 / 4:21 pm

    I love your site Heather! I first fell in love with Rachel Welch’ s Elite which they haven’t made in many years. I have special ordered Eliteby Rachel Welch in R29 S maybe five times and ordered 12 one year then 18 another year they take about 6 months to get my order and that’s ok by me. The quality kept going down with each year that I ordered. In that style low density makes it look fake. So this year I did not order. My problem is I love the color R29S but Raquel Welch styles are either too short or too long. That was the perfect length for me they made it about 10 years ago…I wish she would bring it back. Or something like it.
    I wish more companies would create a color like R29S My problem is I can find a style I like but when I do the color is wrong or if right color never the style and color together.

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