One of my fave Jon Renau models was on ANTM!

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Originally Posted on March 24, 2014 by Heather Hershey

I have seen this face hundreds of times while building my site and editing photographs. You know the look. She’s glamorous, yet approachable with a sort of exotic look that is interesting while simultaneously classically beautiful. She also looked strikingly familiar yet I couldn’t place where I’d seen here before.

I’m talking about this girl:

This is Fo! As in Fo Porter from the 12th Cycle of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM for short).

Allow me to back track a sec. I am completely outing myself. Yes, it’s true. ANTM is DEFINITELY one of my guilty pleasures. There’s just something about the glamor and the fashion that makes me excited. Plus, I love drag queens and burlesque, and no body pulls off drag-queen-trapped-in-a-lady-body quite like Ms. Tyra Banks. I can’t help it. She’s cheesy and weird and out of her dang mind – and I love her for it!

So, needless to say, I saw Cycle 12 and never put two and two together until I recently began browsing some ANTM “Where Are They Now” blogs. That’s when I stumbled upon Fo.

I am so proud of her! Not only is she all over my site an many others, but she’s a great wig model! Her look translates really well to many different styles. She makes the wigs really pop. It’s kind of cool to see how people’s careers can evolve right before your eyes.

Here is the blog I found Fo in:

Until next time – just remember to “smize”! 😀


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