Hi folks Kathleen here with Part 2 of my review of Mimosa by Belle Tress in Champagne with Apple Pie. I love this color and so many things about this wig..Did I even mention that since she’s a HD wig there is none of that wiggy shine you often see on wigs especially in blonde ones. Above in image 1) is Mimosa customized to better fit my face. I love this wig and have been wearing it everyday (which seldom happens..I’ve been known to change my wig out a few times a day 😉)

So for the customizing portion of this review I originally thought I would cut the nape of this wig a lot more and overall give her more of a haircut. The first thing I did was wear her for a day or two..really play with her style. I came to the realization that I liked her wispy shaggy style. This sort of style is flattering on my face. She just was too heavy on top and the nape was a little too long. I needed to balance out this cut a little more. Below in image 3) is a side view of my customized Mimosa. The bangs sweep to the side much better since I took some of the heaviness away.

Before I started doing any trimming or thinning of Mimosa I put her on a styrofoam wig head. I normally put her on my canvas head clamped to the kitchen counter..or wear her..lol but I wanted the ability to move her around easier so you could see what I was doing. Above in the first video you can see how all I do is take a small section of hair twist it and at an angle take my thinning shears and take little snips…towards the end of the section of hair I’ll take little close together snips. I do this so the ends are really wispy..I like this look. This is also how I trim her. In this case I wanted the length cut too not just texturized. If I wanted the section of hair thinned and texturized but not cut shorter I wouldn’t do this last step. I continued taking little sections of hair on the top and on the bangs and used this technique until the desired look was achieved.

As I am taking these sections of hair and texturizing them I continually run my fingers through the hair..its the best way to feel where she is thicker/heavier. I do go by feel not just visually looking at her to see where she needs thinning.

Image 7) illustrates all you need to customized your wig like I did with Mimosa. The most expensive item here are the thinning shears bought from CysterWigs for about $50. That’s all the hair I removed..not much really. This style needed a tweak vs a major overhaul.

My goal was to reshape the top so the style gave me the illusion of an oval face….always my goal I have a long face( be it “full”). The technique of twirling sections of hair and taking snips at an angle was the only thing I did to this wig.

In the video below you can see I didn’t want to shorten the length of this section of hair so I stopped taken snips before I reached the end of the section of hair. When I comb the section to release the cut hair you can see how little I am actually removing. I continually fluffed the hair as I texturize her. I can always go back and trim/thin her some more. I also try her on very often to see how she looks on my head.

In the next video below you can see how I take small quick close snips towards the end of the section of hair. This “trimmed” the length without cutting along the edge. I do this when I want a really wispy look. And its easy to do especially on a heavily layered style like Mimosa.

In the video below you can see how I didn’t take little snips all the way to the end of the sections of hair. I wanted to thin/texturize the middle area but not shorten the length. You can also see how I continually fluff as a go along so I know where I need to thin/texturize etc next.

Above in image 17 you can see how the after still has the wispy look and feel that attracted me to this style…just not the long flips.

In the video below you see me comb out the strand I just texturized to release the cut hair. And you might be thinking “I thought you were never supposed to use a regular comb on wigs?” You are quite right. I use a JR wide tooth comb normally. In this case the hair I was cutting was so short and I was removing so little at a time that a wide tooth comb wouldn’t have removed the loose hair I just thinned. There was no tugging or tangling of the hair as you can see. I have a pick that’s wide but not as wide as JR’s wide tooth comb that works well for longer hair. You never want to force a comb through what you just texturized. If you get resistance use a wider tooth comb.

Image 19) illustrates how beautiful this color and root are. This is a very accurate color photo. I’m in love ❤️ It also shows the more refined style I achieved by just doing this simple texturizing technique..nothing else. And as you can tell I’m no professional..lol… I just have experimented to find the easiest way I know to customize my wigs so I go from liking them to loving them.

The take away here is learning to customize your wigs isn’t about being a professional hair stylist its about experimenting watching how to videos and using your creativity..and not being afraid!..😉 I love my new Mimosa now that she fits my vision of what I wanted her to look like. She’s my summer hair….ENJOY!

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Mimosa by BelleTress

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Hi folks Kathleen here with a review of the new style Mimosa by BelleTress in a new color Champagne with Apple Pie. And I will say upfront this color is as delicious as her name sounds. 😉Mainly I was curious to try out this blonde. I am always searching for that perfect blonde..light but not too light warm but not that yellow gold blonde. I love strawberry blonde but want something that reads more of a true blonde. A root would be ideal if it just wasn’t so dark which is a pet peeve of mine. I’d rather have no root than a dark root. Well I found her. Champagne with Apple Pie is it. The perfect blond.

When I saw the color image that BelleTress provided I thought hmm looks like another pale “sort of ashy” blonde with a dark root…like Silky Sand by TressAllure. When I started reading the description the first word was cool but when I read the rest of the description it described more of a neutral blonde. I had to see for myself. Most of the styles offered in this new color were too long for me so I decided to give Mimosa a try. I wasn’t impressed by the product photo but she looked like she had potential. She fits true to average and is quite comfy after I tightened the adjusters. A curious thing is the nape length is given as 2”…but as you can clearly see in image 2) she has a very long nape. As a matter of fact if I measure from the bottom of the nape on my Mimosa to the tip of her hair she measures 4” if I measure from the beginning of that last weft she measures 5”. No where near 2” Lol.

Let me tell you my thoughts on this wig…my favorite thing about her is her color…😉 Image 3) illustrates that this root isn’t dark but a light soft warm brown…hmm a bit like apple pie crust perhaps? 😉 The overall color is a beautiful almost peachy sandy blonde. Similar to their Honey with Chai Latte but lighter and of course with a much lighter root.

Below in image 4) I compare this color to Gabors SS Sandy Blonde. Similar overall color but I would say CWAP has a peachy hint to it that softens the color and elevates it from a pretty blonde to wow! Gabors SS SB has a non existent root in my book whereas Champagne with Apple Pie is exquisite..just the right color..very light and so realistic.

Mimosa is a fun long pixie shag. Quite retro because of that long nape. Her layers have lots a flips and since this is a HD wig I would probably straighten out the nape flips a bit..she’s looks a bit too Carol Brady for me. 😂 But if you have a long elegant neck she would look great on you. The density overall is quite natural on Mimosa with very little permatease. Just a little bit at the crown to give her a nice lift.

She is a bit top heavy with quite a heavy bang..very cute though I love the length of these bangs they sweep to the side out of your face very naturally.

One complaint I have is there is not a lot of hair on the sides. I have to really be careful to cover my sideburn area because the hair is a little skimpy and short especially around the sideburn area of my Mimosa. There was some under knotting along the ear-tabs which I love..I just wish there were a little more of that under knotting then the sides would have been perfect…and yes I am knit picking..lol I do love the razored layering on the sides and back.

BelleTress isn’t known for their monofilament features but I feel they are really stepping up their game in that department. Look at the mono part in image 9). Its beautiful..just the right amount of density.If I have a mono part I want it to be believable. This would fool anyone…yes it looks that real. Coupled with the very well done lace front and you have one realistic wig..I love her overall.

The photo in image 10) illustrates Mimosa’s lace front. Those are some tiny knots and since the rooting is a very light brown they blend right into your skin. I was impressed with the spacing of the knots and the fact that there was no extra lace to trim.. very very well done..bravo BelleTress.

This is part 1 of my review of Mimosa. As you probably picked up from this review I love the color….I love the mono part and lace-front..I love the layering…I’m not in love with the long flippy nape hair or the top heaviness and bangs. So what I am going to do is give you a step by step instruction of how I customize this wig to better fit my vision….I will use photos and small video clips to supplement my photos. Part 2) Making Mimosa Mine coming soon. 😊

The take away here is if you’ve been looking for a universally flattering blonde with a truly light realistic root on a long shaggy pixie that is light and wispy and perfect for summer then try Mimosa in Champagne with Apple Pie. ENJOY!

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Mimosa by BelleTress

You can see all of Kathleen’s posts here as well seeing her talent as an amazing artist at KathleenRyanArt.com.

Hi folks Kathleen here. I was excited when I saw Gabor’s new style On Edge available. From her product photos I was thinking she’d be a shorter version of Estetica’s Sky. I chose two colors to review both on loan from CysterWigs, SS Sandy Blonde and SS Hazelnut. Hmmm she wasn’t what I expected. First of all I thought she’d be longer in the front…like the product photos illustrate. Well if I had payed more attention to the measurements I shouldn’t of been surprised. So note to self…don’t just look at the photos look at the measurements that are listed. They are accurate. 😉 I was also surprised how light the hair density was..how flat she was. Again its hard to tell but the product photos show a much more voluminous On Edge. I have a small head but a long “full” face and this style just hung on me and did nothing for me. So for me a disappointment. But..a big but this wig is exactly perfect for the woman who has or had very thin hair and doesn’t want to wear thick voluminous wigs..or has a slight frame where most wigs swim on her and she ends up thinning out every wig she gets. On Edge has very light hair density..very very feathery razored ends…and would be beautiful on…someone else…😉😂

Below is me wearing the SS Sandy Blonde On Edge. This color is a beautiful neutral light dynamic blonde. She has some warmth but is in no way a golden blonde. Very pretty color. Image 2) illustrates those feathery razored ends.

On edge has a lace front and left mono part. No permatease on top(where I could use some for a little lift 😉) but curiously permatease at the ears and all the way around the wig..which for me gives the appearance that I have an egg head…just not flattering on me. 😂 So that rounded shape you see in image 3) is more from the permatease than the hair itself.

Images 4) -8) illustrates how light and feathery she is. I have her on a small wig head (19”) so not life size but since I had these on loan I didn’t want to risk stretching the cap out at all. You can see how neutral this color is. Now I’m an artist and I realize this color is supposed to be lightly rooted. But you could fool me. I honestly do not see any change in color or tone or value at the roots. I would love to compare the rooted and non rooted version of this color. Having said that this is a very pretty pleasant light blonde with enough variation in colors to not be boring.

The knotting on the lace front are very small and well done. I found the mono features in general were a little skimpy. I personally don’t like very thick dense mono features though so for me this isn’t an issue but its something to note. As with all Gabor caps On Edge was extremely comfortable to wear.

Image 10) – 13) illustrates the SS Hazelnut color. I love love love this color. I beautiful warm medium brown with some soft natural brownish auburn highlights…evenly mixed all throughout the wig. These photos were taken in natural even light and are very accurate color wise. I was happily surprised how much I loved this color. 😊

Below in image 14) I compare my beloved Pippa by Tony of Beverly and On Edge. A big difference in hair density. I’m all face wearing On Edge where as in Pippa there is a balance between face and hair. The dimensions are similar..Pippa is a little longer in front but a little shorter in back.
Again On Edge is a very pretty delicately cut style. Absolutely wonderful for someone who always needs to thin their wigs out. I will bet my bottom dollar you won’t need to thin On Edge at all.

Below in image 15) I compare my Ellen Wille United with On Edge. United has very realistic hair density but she still has a lot more hair than On Edge. United also has lots of layers to fluff up and very little permatease so she lays more naturally on my head. On Edge is sleek and the permatease around the middle of her style gives her a more classic rounded appearance.

Below in image 16) are the weights and measurements of EW’s United Gabor’s On Edge and TOB’s Pippa. All very similar. You can see that even though United and On Edge have similar measurements United is a full ounce heavier. That could be cap construction but I think its because she has a lot more hair too.

So the take away here is just because On Edge doesn’t work for me…she could be the perfect chin length bob you’ve been looking for. Sleek very light hair density classic shape with feathery razored ends to give her a contemporary flair. ENJOY!

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On Edge by Gabor

You can see all of Kathleen’s posts here as well seeing her talent as an amazing artist at KathleenRyanArt.com.