Play by Ellen Wille…”Just Take a Little Off the Back” by Kathleen

Hi folks Kathleen here with my easy peasy way I trim up the nape of my Ellen Wille’s Play. Its not hard and truly takes no skills…maybe a bit of patience. 😉 Cut a little at a time…you can always go back and cut some more. I might trim her up a little more maybe about a half inch or so but I’ll live with her for now. If in a couple of weeks if I feel the same way I’ll give her another trim.

Lets take a look at Play by Ellen Wille in Mango Rooted before I customized her. Again I couldn’t resist lol. I saw Heather review her in this exact color and was drawn to the combination of retro shag and this warm dynamic color Mango Rooted. I love curls and waves but I thought this looked fun. Quite retro but I love all things retro. I was concerned about the length of the nape. The nape is 4” and for a straight style that is pretty long….ah if only I had an elegant neck 😉. One thing that surprised me was the permatease at the nape. Its not a whole lot but I would need to be careful when I trimmed her. I learned the hard way on my RW Trendsetter. If you cut the length at the nape on a wig that is permateased there too short it’ll tend to stick straight out and not lay nicely.

The first thing I did was take two fingers and grab the hair where I’d like the nape length to be. I measure the hair I want to trim off and it was about 2”. Since I am concerned with the permatease interfering with the nape laying nicely I decide to trim just 1””. I put Play of a wig head and measured all along the nape to help me visualized the finished product. (normally I would use my canvas block head and my deluxe table clamp but this way I could show you easier and the lighting is better)

Above in my first video I show you how I simply snip off an inch of length. One thing I do when I trim a section of hair is I incorporate a little bit of that trimmed section into the next section I trim as a guide. Very easy on a wispy style like play. (What you see is all I trimmed off and in real time..easy peasy right?) ☺️

In this next video above I show you how I soften the blunt edge of the trimmed Play. I call this chipping the edge. All I do is take my thinning shears (you can also use your regular shears but I wanted a softer look in this instance) and at almost a 90 degree angle (just shy of vertical) take little snips into that blunt edge just to break it up so it doesn’t look so perfect.

Video (image 6) I demonstrate how to get those ends a little more wispy. I take little sections of hair (the bigger the sections the more hair you’ll remove) twist the section and using my thinning shears take little snips at an angle. I am careful not to take a snip towards the end of the section of hair because in this go round I didn’t want to shorten the length anymore.

Below in image 7 is a collage of Play after I spent a whole 5 minutes or so trimming and texturizing the length on the back nape area. Little differences but for me much more wearable.

Above in image 8 is my after. Better! Its still a funky little number. This is where I’ll stop for now. I’ll wear her and live with her before I decide if I need to trim her up anymore. These little techniques are so easy really. One thing I have learned is take it slow and take off less than you think you need to and try on the wig you are customizing often as you are customizing her. I have ruined a few wigs not doing that lol and actually if I am honest will continue to do that I’m sure because that’s how I learn…lol 🤪 Hopefully I’ll pass onto you what I’ve learned so you don’t need to “ruin” any of your wigs. 😉 A good tip for you….before you throw out a wig that is worn out practice your customizing techniques on it. There is no pressure on your part and is quite fun. 😉

Below is a video of my customized Play. The back is just short enough so it doesn’t rub on my shoulders. Looking at this video I am inclined to take one more pass at her. 😉 I think I want to break up the bulk a bit in the back and make those ends more wispy. Ahh see it never ends..but that’s a good thing right? So the take away here is customizing your wigs is fun and at least for me gives me a sense of accomplishment. This is my wig that is made just for me by me..😊 We are not all alike so how come we expect every wig to look great on everybody. The key here is to find a style you love if it just didn’….and if that “didn’t” is something you can customize don’t be afraid to get it..make it your own. ENJOY!

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  1. Cynthia Lewman
    June 11, 2018 / 12:53 pm

    Hi Kathleen! Your posts are invaluable! Thank you for taking the time to create such detailed and wonderful content with perfect photos and videos. You always look beautiful and I, like you are not a big fan of too much texture in the back of a pixie. Some can pull it off but I find it overwhelming. You always add just the right nip and tucks to your wigs to make them perfectly beautiful for you. Thanks for all the terrific content you’ve created over the months!

    • Kathleeb Ryan
      June 11, 2018 / 4:03 pm

      I am so glad you enjoyed this one. Thank you for such kind and encouraging comments they are much appreciated. 🙂 best -Kathleen

  2. Veronica
    June 13, 2018 / 8:27 pm

    Thanks, Kathleen! With you’re excellent instructions, I was able to trim the nape of a Jon Renau Peaches wig (my oldest one for practice). It went well .. I wasn’t sure at first because it has a nape that curls in .. but it worked! Really appreciate your guidance 💕

    • Kathleen Ryan
      June 13, 2018 / 8:32 pm

      Yippee! Thanks Veronica…thats the best feedback I could possibly hope for. I’m so glad youre happy with the outcome. All the best-Kathleen

  3. Stella Felix
    June 16, 2018 / 4:01 pm

    Beautiful 😊. I just bought Play and will probably need to trim her as I have virtually no neck – now I know how. Thank you so much.

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