Kathleen’s Review: POSH by Jon Renau 5 STARS!

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Hi folks Kathleen here…ahhh Posh aptly named. A beautiful bob similar to Ignite but this one has a double mono top! Yahoo! ?? She doesn’t have a lace-front and I was worried about that..I needn’t be…the way individual hairs are sewn along the front hairline from underneath really gives the illusion of hair growing from your scalp. I was quite surprised I really was. With the added strip of polyurethane along the front edge I’ll say it rivals the traditional lace-front mono part that you see so much and is so very popular.

Posh is very layered so styling is fun..yes you can get quite a lot of volume out of her. Below are photos illustrating how she arrives…packaged very securely I might add. She has an extended felt nape and open ear tabs for eyeglass wearers. This color Frosted Flame..yes!..is a gorgeous dynamic color.

A dark cherry auburn base with chunky Irish red and butterscotch blonde highlights all throughout. Below is Posh inside in indirect natural light. In most lighting conditions she’s dynamic but not garish or over the top.

Here is Posh’s front hairline..crazy good huh? I thought so too. 😉

These photos really illustrate the range of this color Frosted Flame. I LOVE this color. ❤️

You know I love my reds and am very happy with this one. Chunky blonde highlights..but oh so tastefully done.

The density on Posh is very natural…I love it when I part a wig and its neither too sparse nor too dense..this one is perfect.

The take away here if you want a graduated short bob on the order of Ignite but you’re not a fan of permatease and prefer a mono top…and if lace-fronts irritate you but you don’t want to give up the realism of a lace-front..then Posh is the wig for you..I love her….ENJOY!

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Posh by Jon Renau

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  1. November 23, 2018 / 2:53 pm

    I just purchased this wig on the Cysterwig’s closeout site at an incredible price. I purchased it in Shaded Praline, 12fs8. My first wig was Ignite also in Shaded Praline and decided to try this one. I am hoping that it will retain its silky fibers as it’s not heat defiant. I really like the color in this one, it’s more subtle in the synthetic fibers compared to the heat defiant fibers on Ignite. I have yet to wear Posh as I’m trying to figure out how to keep it out of my eyes! I pinned the front back a bit to try to train it away from the face. Any suggestions? Also, I have been reading reviews of different wigs on this site for many months and just discovered the Cysterwigs Blog page – Wow! I really appreciate seeing all of these full size images. So excited to explore more on the Blog. Thank you.

    • Kathleen Ryan
      November 24, 2018 / 11:26 am

      Hi Christine I’m so glad you found this blog section too…fun and informative. 🙂 I’ve had Posh awhile now and she’s held up beautifully. A couple of things to help with Posh flopping in yiur eyes. Firstly just keep combing her up and away with just your fingers…over time with just the warmth of your hands this will train her to stay out of your eyes. You can use Jon Renau’s styling Creme Piece Out Stylin Crème..works great. This is where a steamer is really helpful. Thanks for your feedback

  2. Susan Mason
    December 30, 2018 / 1:20 am

    Such a striking color ; an adorable style Kathleen!!

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