Products to minimize the scratch factor of lace front wigs

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Are you in love with lace fronts but having trouble adjusting to the scratchiness?

We recommend checking out these products to help you out!

1. Scalpicin. This stuff will slightly numb your scalp and reduce the itch. It is runny, though, so we recommend applying it with a cotton swab and allowing it to dry prior to applying your wig.

2. Monistat Soothing Care Skin Protection Powder Gel. This is commonly used for “chub rub” by reducing friction when your thighs rubs together as you walk. This stuff will likewise form a protective layer between your forehead and your wig! Apply and allow to dry before applying your wig. (Allow the product to dry completely so you can minimize residue deposits on your lace front.)

3. Orajel. We are referring to any of the dye-free varieties of this product. These are the ones you should try as a nuclear option if all else fails. Orajel will temporarily numb the area where it is applied. Like the other options here, we recommend applying well before applying your wig — about 10 minutes prior should be sufficient. Unlike the other products, though, we recommend wiping off the excess after this time has passed and then applying your wig to avoid depositing a lot of goo onto your lace front.

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  1. Sheila
    September 26, 2018 / 4:10 pm

    I use 4% over the counter lidocaine gel on my scalp area where the laces going to touch and let it dry before I put my way wig. Also, I have found if the lace fits well, and you’ve properly pressed it into your skin and make sure that it is in place, it will not itch as much. It’s the moving around the micro movements of the wig on your skin that makes it’s scratchy. The other thing you can do is trim off any frayed ends that start to develop on the lace; sometimes when it’s new and untrimmed, it will have pointy edges rather than smooth round edges. Use the tiniest scissors you can find that are super super sharp, and you can easily amd and smoothly trim where these areas are. Also, using 2 sided blue lace tape, just 2 small pieces on either side of your temple, will keep it from wobbling back-and-forth in creating those frayed edges and those itchy spots to begin with. Hope these also help!

    • Gina
      September 27, 2018 / 1:42 pm

      Hi there Sheila! Thank you so much for sharing your little tips and tricks! I personally don’t experience the skin irritation of from lace front wigs so it’s always extremely helpful when someone that has gone through this can share! 🙂

      Hope you are having a lovely hair day!

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