Proper Use of a permanent fabric marker

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From a customer email:

About the permanent fabric marker. I bought one to Michael’s and I would like to know if you think it is ok if I go over a few strands to give my wig more dimension in my bang area. I don’t want to damage the fiber in any way.

This is Tina from the CCHD Solutions Specialist Desk and I would be more than happy to assist you!

I have used fabric markers on most of my synthetic wigs and have not had an issue at all with it damaging the hair fibers. However, when you do apply the marker, this will not wash out so please make sure that this is the route you want to take when personalizing your wigs. Always practice first in a very hidden area, like the nape, to see if this is the look you are trying to achieve.

I have used spray in root concealer that I have purchased from the local beauty supple stores and these work great and they wash out too…they work well if you are trying to add an overall depth look or adding roots.

What I would highly suggest, if you have an older wig that you no longer wear and can practice on when adding dimension, I would do so prior to making such a permanent mark on your current wig. If you don’t have a wig to practice on, you can also go to the local beauty supply store and purchase a very inexpensive hair extension and practice on that as well. These usually cost around $9-$14.

I know this might sound like a lot of work, I have also used eye brow shades to add dimension to my wigs, as I am not personally very creative, and like the idea that I can wash or brush the color out.

I do hope this helps!

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