Raquel Welch Synthetic Styles That Are NOT Heat Friendly

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I have compiled a list from our inventory sheet of all the Raquel Welch synthetic styles that are not heat friendly:

  • Applause*
  • Beguile*
  • Boost
  • Brave the Wave
  • Celebrity
  • Cinch
  • Classic Cool
  • Crushing on Casual
  • Free Spirit
  • Go For It
  • Infatuation
  • Longing for Long
  • Love Love Love
  • Maximum Impact
  • Miles of Style
  • Muse
  • Play It Straight
  • Power
  • Salsa
  • Sparkle
  • Spotlight
  • Star Quality
  • Stop Traffic
  • The New Romantic
  • Trendsetter
  • Voltage
  • Watch Me Wow
  • Winner

I hope this information has been helpful for you!

* = human hair

This is an excerpt from our CysterWigs Knowledge Base. Check it out on our private site to see over 500 articles all about our store, wigs, and how to wear the hair!

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