Raquel Welch Top Billing 6/30 (Copper Mahogany)

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Hello everyone,

While going through my chemo treatments, my hair gradually showed signs of thinning, especially at the temples, the sides and hairline.  No matter how hard I tried to hide it, it was apparent I was losing a battle to save my tresses and I was officially deemed “follically challenged.”

To hide these problem areas, my first “starter” wig was a topper.  I purchased a Raquel Welch True2Life Top Billing.  It has a monofilament memory cap that is pliant and flexible as well as a very sheer, soft lace front.  It’s synthetic, light weight, heat friendly and I can part it in any direction.  This color is RL6/30 (Copper Mahogany)- a medium chestnut brown with a slightly lighter deep red blend.

An important lesson I learned when shopping for a topper was they were not all “standard” or “one size fits all.”  Each hairpiece is designed a little differently.  When choosing a topper, it is best to consider the size, style, the type of hair (synthetic, human, heat friendly, etc.), the length and color that would match and blend well against your own bio hair.

Depending on the amount of hair loss, you may just want to opt for a full wig.  However, toppers are very light weight, with little or no fuss, are easy to manage and add volume to flat lackluster hair.  Unlike a full wig, you don’t have to worry about it slipping, sliding, pulling, straightening or constantly readjusting.

To apply the topper, open the pressure clips and place it along the top of your hairline. If you already have a defined strong front hairline, place the topper a little further back (as far as 1″-2″).  Once the topper is in position, close the pressure clips down until you hear it snap.  Comb and style your hair as you would normally.

Check out Heather’s CysterWigs video blog, “All about Toppers.” She gives a great insight regarding the texture of toppers and matching it to your bio hair, how to take measurements, how to properly put it on and take it off.  Have a great week everyone!

Thank you Kendra! This is such a great post and it’s wonderful to see more about Top Billing!


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Top Billing by Raquel Welch


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