Recommended brands for big heads?

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From a client email:

I am average/large cap size. I love Noriko but they felt like a petite, too tight to wear a wig cap under. I love Jon Renau’s O’solite.  What other brands might be a good fit and not be too tight?


Envy wigs tend to have generous caps, provided you avoid their silk top wigs or mono pixie cuts. Those tend to be tight. 

Estetica is quite generous. They have some hand-tied average cap wigs that fit larger than some large-cap wigs! Their sizing is super weird. LOL

Jon Renau’s open and hand-tied wigs are stretchy and comfortable. I don’t get complete side coverage with these, but I can usually get around this issue by ordering colors that blend in with the hair there.

Gabor has several average-large and large styles.

The large-cap version of Upstage by Raquel Welch is very comfortable if you don’t mind the Heat-Resistant fibers.

ROP wigs stretch better than Noriko wigs. In just a few days of wear, they become very comfortable, in my experience. (Avoid Amore. They are tighter than Noriko!)

There are also some very nice Henry Margu monofilament wigs (Naturally Yours Collection) that can be very accommodating IF you sever the elastic adjuster sewn into the cap. Just snipping it loose can give you an additional inch at the perimeter! (I do this on all my Margu monofilament wigs. Works like a charm!)

Hopefully, that helps!


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