Revisiting My First Wig

Our guest blogger today is Kathleen. She’s an advocate for not giving up on yourself or your wigs!

              After discovering CysterWigs (I think I saw one of Heather’s video reviews on youtube) and after putting up with my extremely fine hair all my life I felt now was the time to buy a wig.  The real catalyst was deciding I wanted to let my dyed hair grow out. Knowing that would take a year or more (yes my hair grows at a snails pace) a wig would be perfect. I decided to cut my teeth on Jon Renau’s Evan in 22F16( Blonde Brownie).  It was a style I would wear in real life and the color was a beautiful light neutral/ash blonde.

My first thoughts when I received it was whoa this is a lot of hair. No one will believe its real…harkening back to the first time 20+ years ago when I attempted to wear a wig. Not good…it looked like a helmet and everyone laughed at me. But I was determined to wear this new one. It had a lace front (Heather had gently warned us in one of her many very helpful videos not to buy a lace front for your first wig..more on that later)  I thinned out the bangs and in the process trimmed them also. 😉 I had no idea what I was doing…lol…but it didn’t turn out half bad.

The first time I wore it I felt weird…I was so used to my baby fine hair that it just looked too thick to me. But I’m a Taurus and Irish…stubborn is my middle name 😉 determined I wore it around the house for a few hours. The front (smartlace) itched so bad I thought I would scratch the skin on my forehead clean off! Remember Heather suggested a non lacefront wig to start with?  Now I knew why..great suggestion Heather!  Anywho…. I wore it more and more and soon my sensitive Irish skin was used to the lace and I was used to seeing me in hair that wasn’t baby fine. 😉 A couple of days later my husband said out of the blue that he really liked it..ahhh I thought to myself, time to wear it in public. I was convinced everyone was staring at me and pointing..look she’s wearing a wig!…fast forward…About a week later I “came out”, so to speak, to the ladies at my dogs(I have four Cocker Spaniels) Veterinarian’s. They thought it was great!..was I relieved…at that point I got over myself and since then I’ve been very open and very comfortable talking about wigs, my wigs, your wigs..anything wig related. 😉

With almost two dozen wigs under my belt you can say I have fallen in love with wigs. They can change your look, your mood, your confidence in 5 minutes. What else can do that? Full disclosure I haven’t worn Evan in quite awhile. I don’t know why exactly but boy I was reminded when I wore it again why I got this wig in the first place. Such an adorable perfect for warmer weather. I still love it. I do believe I need to purchase another…perhaps in a darker color and no thinning or trimming the bangs this time. 😉 The take away here is have patience with yourself…you will not only get used to wearing wigs, you’ll LOVE wearing wigs. Wig wearing isn’t a race so enjoy yourself!  

Notes by Gina from CysterWigs

Thank you for sharing Kathleen! I feel the urge to dig through my collection now, lol! 🙂 I think you did an excellent job thinning out the bangs! Just another example of how you make a wig from the manufacturer go from pretty nice to awe-inspiring!

Evan by Jon Renau

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  1. January 18, 2017 / 8:38 pm

    Thank you for the sweet compliment Gina..?

  2. Nicole
    January 18, 2017 / 11:31 pm

    This wig looks so great on you, Kathleen! I can’t imagine anyone knowing it’s a wig but I feel you on the initial trepidation of going out with one at first. I remember being so nervous but now I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that I’m wearing a wig lol.

    • January 19, 2017 / 4:59 pm

      Thanks Nicole…I know same here. If I could have had this advice I would have been less nervous. Heck the other day I wore EW big curly Sunny in the morning..yup went shopping and in the afternoon put on cute short Natalie by ?

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