Ruby by Jon Renau-Observations & Embracing Style Variances by Kathleen

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Hi folks Kathleen here with Ruby by Jon Renau. As you may or may not know I am on a gray kick of late and really wanted to see & review Oyster (56F51) by Jon Renau. Which I did in a previous post. A pretty classic medium/ light gray with light silver highlights framing the face and on top gradually transitioning to a medium/ dark gray near the bottom of the nape. Aside from loving this gray I fell in love with the style of Ruby. Near perfect in my book. A longer I wouldn’t need to worry so much about my bio hair peaking out at the nape or sideburn areas…but still decidely a pixie. At heart I am a pixie girl..😉The longer layers on top with all the body was so pretty and so versatile. I immediately ordered another in a very natural color for me Shaded Pralines & Cream (14/26S10).

Neither of my Ruby wigs look much like these product photos…lol (image 2) Which brings me to my first point of this post. I don’t go by the product photos (especially on heavily styled model photos like on Ruby above) when choosing a style. I look at the measurements and as many photos & videos as I can find. On new styles that can be hard. But overall that’s how I choose a style to try.

Above in image 3 Ruby is in her style versatile. I can just about do anything with her. Really love the fullness on top. There is permatease but also a beautiful lace front. Since Oyster is a light color I have to be careful in front to make sure the wefts don’t show. So not an abundance of permatease most of the body is from the waves of this style. For all of these looks no product was used..nothing. I am not a big fan of product..I use some if needed but would rather not. That is one good thing about permatease. You can style a permateased wig without the need for sprays or cremes to keep it in place. 👍🏻

I love the fibers on this Ruby. They are silky but not too silky or shiny. They just look like like healthy hair. I didn’t style her off my face but you certainly could because this lace front is gorgeous. Just as you would expect from Jon Renau and I will say it’s a real bonus for an otherwise open wefted and permateased wig. Even if I just show a little of the lace front it gives it that touch of realism that makes all the difference in the world.

One thing I really like about Ruby is her longer sideburn area. This length balances out my full face nicely. I love her sideview. ❤️

Another gorgeous view of her length on top and her sweeping bang.

So I am in love with no wonder she is so popular. I will say my Oyster Ruby is a little big on me. There is quite a lot of bulk over my ears. Now that is where my head is rather small so I am used to this but this cap fit larger than my other Jon Renau wigs. I have attached my head measurements at the end of this post. I will do that from now on as reference so when you’re looking at wigs I am wearing it’ll help you visualize how they might look on you.

Just to demonstrate how color can change a look and feel to a wig below in image 8 I am wearing a red top and red lipstick. Now I am not in formal attire but you certainly can dress Ruby up for a more formal look. I can just imagine wearing a gorgeous red dress at Christmas time and going to see the Nutcracker at the fabulous Fox Theater here in Atlanta..😉

On to the other point I wanted to address in this post. How many times have you fallen in love with a style(only addressing style variances here not color..that’s a whole difference ball of wax 😜) and you get so excited and rush out and order another one in a different color only to get a wig you feel is totally different… not what you fell in love with originally…and you are disappointed.

Yup I did it again…I fell in love with this “specific” Ruby. I was even putting aside the fact that she was pretty big on me because I loved her style so much. I ordered my Shaded Pralines & Cream Ruby.

I received her very quickly (bravo CysterWigs you rock!) and observed right away she was different than my Oyster Ruby. One good thing for me but maybe not for you is this cap fits like a glove. It even fits nicely over my ears and that never happens even with most Ellen Wille wigs (which run on the small side of average). I love it. Its so refreshing to wear a wig that isn’t big on me. So that’s a good thing. I think someone with a true average head might find this Ruby too small though. I will also say this color is so pretty..warm overall dark blonde with light warm blonde highlights…just shy of a strawberry blonde. The root is a 10 which is so close to my own bio hair. Heavily highlighted which I love especially is a textured wig like Ruby.

Ok so on to the differences that I was initially disappointed in..if you observe the collage of my Ruby in Shaded Pralines & Cream below in image 9 you might notice the bang area alone is much shorter than my Oyster Ruby. The length everywhere is much shorter and thinner. The bangs on my Oyster Ruby are much denser (not too dense though ..just right 😉) and the bangs on this new one look like I had thinned and trimmed them a lot! I couldn’t style her the same way I styled my first Ruby. Ugh! Ok so I am looking at this situation like they are my children…they might all be mine but I can’t treat them the same way right? What works for one might not work for another. (I am assuming any mothers out there are super awesome moms. 🙋) Well in a way that’s how I am starting to look at my wigs. They are all different even if they are the same style but thats ok.

So what if I can’t style this Ruby the same way as my Oyster Ruby. She also has less hair so she will be easier and cooler to wear this summer. Being rooted the permatease doesn’t show and this natural color gives me more styling options like putting her behind my ears for a shorter pixie look. I spent some time with her and found her best look for me. My initial disappointment is gone and now I love her as much but not more (remember good mommies love all their children equally 😂😉) as my first Ruby in Oyster.

I am wearing my Pralines & Cream Ruby as I write this blog and I love her now. ❤️The take away here is all wigs have variances..all of them!…some more than others even if its the same style. But they all do. It works out better not to overly fall in love with a specific wig and its style. The nuances that make that wig unique are near impossible to duplicate. It will work out better and you’ll be much happier if you look at your wigs like children or your pets for my furbaby moms 😉You love them all …even if they are different.

This way of looking at it has freed me. Now instead of dreading ordering a duplicate style and wondering will it be like the one I love? I will assume it will be different and take the challenge of finding its best look for me. Now I can’t wait to use my new found mindset on the next wigs order. Enjoy!.. I know I will.

Here are my head measurements for reference.

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  1. Joan Boes
    June 7, 2018 / 8:11 pm

    OMG, Kathleen- that measurement you gave of your “top of forehead to bottom of chin” is really revealing. I had never measured that dimension before, so I just did and mine is 8.00 inches !!! That’s quite a difference and would definitely make a difference in the way a wig sits and looks on a person’s head. I have an aver-large circumference but some of my other measurements are smaller than yours.. so it is definitely true that everyones’ head is ‘different’. Thanks again for a super-detailed review !

    • Kathleen Ryan
      July 19, 2018 / 7:20 pm

      Hi Joan…I apologize I’m just seeing your comment now..isn’t that the truth…we all have different size heads even if we all wear “average” size thank you for commentng I’m glad you enjoyed it. All the best-Kathleen

  2. Michele
    June 8, 2018 / 3:49 pm

    I see what you mean. The Ruby in Oyster is different, I personally like it better because the bangs sweep nicer. And honestly this can be so daunting.It’s all about expectations and what a let down it can be through no fault of our own. These hair units are not $20 price point so more consideration should be paid by the manufacturers. Even Ellen Wille drops the ball sometimes. I had a big problem with a Casino More with off the wall stitching and Ocean by EW that was huge cap wise. Not blaming any wig website since this issue is across the board and even across oceans. With that said, the onus is on the manufacturer.

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