Should I expect the wigs to completely cover my side burns?

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From a customer email:

Let me ask right here before I forget, where exactly are the ear pieces supposed to hit on your head? Should they come down far enough so as to create sideburns or sit higher rather above the ears?

The caps of MOST ready-to-wear wigs will give you basic coverage on the sides of your head, but should NOT be expected to cover your sideburn area 100%. 

ALWAYS plan your color selections with the expectation that some of your biohair may be exposed on the sides. 

Remember: Ready-to-wear wigs are made to fit as many people as possible, so the cast they use to form the wig cap is a general “model” head. Each brand uses a different model head, so each brand will fit a little differently. This also varies from person to person, depending on all sorts of individual factors about the make up of your face, size of your head, and dimensions of your hairline.

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