Signature Confirmation for Orders Under $500

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The wig was to be delivered to a PO Box through USPS.

There has been no change in our policy regarding signature confirmations. It still stands that if the order is $500 or more then a signature will be required at the time of delivery, but in one particular case the order was no where near $500. So why the heck did they have to sign for it, right?

So, I did some research online and it looks like whenever the USPS receives certified mail that is to be delivered to a PO Box, their delivery process involves leaving you a delivery notification card in your PO Box letting you know that you have certified mail waiting to be picked up. You then have to go and pick up your mail and they do require that you sign the delivery confirmation signature card. Basically, this is the USPS’s procedure for delivering certified mail to a PO Box.

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