Style Resolutions For The New Year

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By Eseandre

Welcome to the new year! You’ve probably been trying hard to stick to those resolutions. Or, you might still be trying to figure out what you want to accomplish this year and that’s totally fine. It’s tough when you’re trying to make career choices, change behavioral patterns or accomplish a major health goal.

Now while all of these resolutions are significant, you might not realize that there’s room for one more substantial one if you haven’t made it already. If you’re in a fashion rut or just want to take your look to the next level, make a resolution to get in touch with your inner fashionista.

If you need help getting started, here are some suggestions to help you sharpen your sense of style in the new year.

Get to know your body shape.

While it is awesome to get clothes that look great on the hanger or are in line with the trends, you want to make sure they’ll look just as good on your body. Knowing your body shape can help guide your shopping habits and help you make informed decisions so you’ll always look good in whatever you wear. In addition to knowing your body, learn about how your favorite brands are cut. Some labels run small, while others tend to run big. Make sure you’re trying things on instead of just following a size chart or going off of what size you might wear in another brand. And if you’re ordering from a retailer that doesn’t have a brick and mortar store, be sure to read the reviews!

Avoid clothes that hide your figure.

Bruno Mars said it before, and I’m saying it again–you’re amazing just the way you are. So start embracing yourself. Ditch the clothes that are way too big for you and embrace styles that accentuate your figure. If you think this will be hard for you to do, start by wearing one shape-hugging garment. Maybe it’s a bodysuit with a skirt or a pair of leggings with your tunic top. Start with one piece until you feel more comfortable with wearing a whole outfit that “caresses” your body.

Don’t obsess about the “perfect size.”

Nobody really has the perfect figure/shape/body. So ditch your fascination with the “perfect body”. If you’ve decided to start working out, make sure you’re doing it for you and not to fit into society’s mold for the perfect size. This way, the results will be more gratifying and you will be happier for it.

Revisit your wardrobe.

When you revisit or edit your wardrobe, you have two jobs. One, declutter it. Gather up those pieces that have been lying around for years. Pieces that you’ve outgrown and/or pieces that are beyond saving because they’re so well worn. Now say “bye” to the old so you can say “hello” to the new.

Two, fetch those amazing pieces that you’ve bought and just stored away because you haven’t found the perfect time or the perfect place to wear them. Guess what? Now’s the perfect time to wear them. Don’t let your money go to waste. Try incorporating the pieces with a work outfit or for a night out with friends. And don’t worry what folks think. That wasn’t on your mind when you bought that sequin top or those riding boots. So don’t get in your head and start worrying about what others have to say.

Step out of your comfort zone.

If you’ve found solace in a particular type of clothing or style, it’s time to break up and make new friends. Try out that dress! Try on those heels! Step out of your comfort zone and strut into a new style this year one piece at a time.

Stop disregarding your comfort.

Sure, those stilettos are cute. But if you know that you’re always soaking your feet as soon as you take a pair of heels off, stop buying heels. Don’t buy into the “beauty is pain” mentality. If you can barely breathe in that pair of leather leggings or you’re burning up in that super-chunky sweater in the dressing room, make a hard pass. Being uncomfortable never looks cute.

Shop smartly.

Just because an item is up for grabs at a cheap price doesn’t mean you should buy it. Making such uninformed and/or impulsive decision could lead to you buying clothes that you might never wear. Instead, shop only for fashion pieces you absolutely want.

Invest in a good tailor and dry cleaner.

While doing this might initially seem expensive, the benefits accrued from taking proper care of your clothes are many. A tailor can ensure that your pieces fit well and flatter your figure. And having your clothes dry cleaned can help preserve their appearance. Also, if you hate the iron, the dry cleaner will make life easier for you.

Don’t take yourself or your wardrobe too seriously.

A burst of color here. Checks over stripes there. Some unconventional statement jewelry somewhere else. These things can add freshness to your style. When it comes to personal style, throw the rules out the window. Wear brown shoes with black clothes. Wear white after Labor Day. Mix your gold and silver accessories. Wear stripes with polka dots. If it makes you happy, that’s all that matters.

Seek inspiration in multiple places.

Watching movies or browsing through style magazines can help inspire you if you feel like your style could use a little help. Or you could look to nature for color coordination ideas. Inspiration is everywhere–even in places where you’d least expect it. So keep your eyes peeled. You’ll never know what might inspire you next!

Add some or all of these to your resolutions list and give more credence to your style.
And here’s to a very happy and stylish New Year!

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