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The demand for wigs has grown over the years, and we honestly get it, we truly do. Wigs are life savers. They make us bolder, stronger and more adventurous. They also allow us to be anyone we want to be–even if it’s just our own wonderful selves. Synthetic or human hair. Long, short or in between. Wigs are redefining beauty–and the way we see ourselves.

When it comes to your wigs, you probably spent a lot of time researching, shopping and selecting them with care. So just because they showed up on your doorstep compared to sprouting from your scalp does not mean that you should put way less effort into caring for your wigs. Your wigs represent you. So if they look tired, frizzy, fried and dusty, what do you think they’re saying about you? Wigs need to be cared for just like biohair needs to be cared for especially if you want them to stand the test of time. Lucky for you, there are products specifically designed to help you protect your investments.

CysterWigs carries a wide selection of styling products for synthetic wigs. You can find products sold separately or in handy kits. If you’re new to wigs and not sure where to start, here are some products to consider:

Beautimark’s 4-piece Try Me Styling Kit

This convenient, four-piece kit contains shampoo, leave-in conditioner (which when used daily helps with detangling and prolongs the life and shine of your synthetic hair and wigs), style and hold hair spray and brilliant shine. All designed to clean and repair frizzy, damaged wigs and help maintain the shine and softness in your wigs. They are free of parabens and the whole kit is travel sized.

You might ask ‘’can I just buy one product from the kit?’’ Yes, you can. But we will highly recommend using these products together because most of our customers have confirmed that they noticed the best results when the products are used together.

Jon Renau Travel Wig Comb

For just $5, we promise this will be your favorite comb for detangling your wig. It can be so difficult getting through those stubborn knots and frizz. This wide tooth comb can handle it all. It’s handy because it’s travel sized and very durable. It’s also ergonomic.

The Hair Grip – Velvet Wig Grip

The Hair Grip was designed to hold wigs and scarves securely on your head. No one likes the feeling of a wig or scarf riding up in the back, especially in the middle of their daily routine. Not only is it embarrassing, but it’s also frustrating. The Wig Grip works without combs, clips or bobby pins. You simply place your wig on top of the band with the clips closed. (There’s no need to use the comb…just lay it down on top of the band). Adjust around the head as needed. VOILA! No more headaches! It’s also safe for women with bald spots, alopecia and those undergoing chemotherapy.

These are just a few of the many styling products that we carry in our store. If none of these tickle your fancy, check out our entire selection of synthetic wig styling products to find what you’re looking for.

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