What Jon Renau color is closest to Almond Rocka?

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From a client e-mail:

I’m going to order a Katherine wig. What is the closest color to Almond Rocka?

As you may know, I also love the Almond Rocka! If only the 32BF had a brown base instead of an auburn one; then we’d be in business! None of the colors for Katherine have multi-tone highlights like Almond Rocka except 32BF — and it’s definitely a red.

(See below on Jessica.)

The next best thing is probably something kind of like 6F27, which is the color in the product images for this style.

If you need something a little lighter or rooted, then Shaded Mocha (24BT18S8, click on image below to see video review of Gisele in this color) would also be very pretty:

As you can tell, though, none of these is quite as dynamic as the Almond Rocka, which has three colors in it: medium brown, dark rust, and light blonde (the latter two are blended together in the highlight shade, see below).

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