The Bang: Your Wig Salvation?

Why You Should Try A Wig With Bangs

By: CysterWigs Contributor

When it comes to choosing a wig, every wig lover knows that the option they choose often involves tons of scrutiny and second-guessing based on one very bothersome detail – the part.

Middle part or side part? The answer truly depends on your personal preference. Both are stylish and can suit your look the way you want it to. However, any experienced wig wearer knows that a crappy part can ruin the look of a wig. Over-tweezed parts make your wig look thin and patchy, while under-tweezed parts can cause a wig to look really fake. Luckily for you, there’s a way to skip the pressure of perfecting your part altogether, while still rocking a flawless wig that suits you.

What’s the answer to your wig woes? One word – bangs. Why?

They’re quick and easy

Wigs with bangs are true lifesavers when it comes to saving time. Getting ready surely takes enough time as it is, and the last thing that you want when you’re running late for work or to that business meeting is to have to attack your wig’s hairline with gel or glue to ensure that the baby hairs look their best, or apply foundation to your part to help it look as natural as it can.

With bangs, there’s no hairline or part to worry about every time you wear your wig. Simply pop the wig on, brush and go! It’s that quick, and looks just as stunning.

They’re a style sensation

Bangs will never go out of style, and that’s for sure. Nothing beats the bold look of blunt, thick bangs, or the casually cute look of wispy bangs. They can look as natural and effortless as you want, or they can be a major fashion statement for your look. It’s up to you!

Bangs work on every style of wig. Your options are quite endless. Bobs or long tresses, straight or curly, thick density or natural density – bangs are so versatile.

Thinking of bangs? Consider your Face Shape!

Finding a wig with the right bangs is essential. Your face shape plays a grand part in the style you choose, as some bangs can highlight your best features better than others.

Round face? A wig with thick, side swept bangs can slim your face while bringing out your eyes.

Square face? A wig with straight bangs that rest right at or below your eyebrows balance your face without dragging down your features.

Heart-shaped faces pair well with wigs with layered bangs swept across the forehead to bring attention to the center of your gorgeous face.

Oval faces pair well with pretty much any type of bangs! Lucky you! You’re free to browse many types of wigs, and even to wear several with different bang styles.

Bangs are no longer the style of the dorky girl on TV – that trope is long outdated. Bangs are now fashionable and just plain fun to wear.

Added to the time that you’ll save every day getting ready, there’s definitely no reason for you not to get your hands on a wig with bangs ASAP!

Can I Cut a Bang Into My Wig?

We receive, at least one, if not more, tickets a week in the CCHD on this very question: “Can I cut a bang into XYZ wig?”. So here are our thoughts!

Short answer: Yes, you can cut synthetic, synthetic blend or even human hair fiber, but the result will NOT be the same as cutting your bio hair. I learned this the hard way after destroying several wigs early on in my wig-wearing years.

So, we have a few suggestions when considering such a plight:

1) We HIGHLY recommend having a professional, with experience cutting synthetic fibers, cut in the bang or at least provide some additional consultation, especially if this is a piece you have significant money invested. Synthetic Fiber is very different than human hair and is the equivalent to a fiber/fabric (think cotton) vs the actual texture of bio hair. Thus, cutting synthetic hair the same way as bio hair, will NOT result in the same outcome.

Also, many times synthetic hair may need to be thinned in the front, especially if the style is a long bang or one length style and a professional WITH experience in this area is really a great resource.

If you do not have that resource available, another suggestion is to pull out one of your older wigs to practice on, and invest in a pair cutting shears made for synthetic fibers and give it a try it yourself!

2) The style of the wig is another point of consideration. The best styles for cutting in a bang, would be those that are either a NO part (standard cap) or a mono top. A side mono part style, like the Evanna by Rene of Paris, may not respond as well to a bang, given that the part is hard-set into the design. The side parts are made for that part, and if you try to adjust the parting, you will see the wefting and stitching. Thus, cutting a bang into this style, may not achieve the desired result. With the Evanna, you could potentially cut a side long bang, with wispy layers, but again, it may NOT lay flat or give you a straight-across bang affect. This is also a wavy textured wave, and though you could use steam to flatten the fiber, the bang may not lay flat.

Side part styles like Evanna by Rene of Paris, are not recommended for cutting-in a bang:

Whereas, a style like the Aria by Rene of Paris, with a Lace-front and standard cap (permatease) may produce a better result, especially with the lace-front. The fiber may be more likely to lay flat and produce the desired result. Sometimes too, cutting in a bang in a standard cap, helps to further disguise the permatease top.

3) Last word of caution, go slowly. When I cut my wigs, I cut at an angle, into the fiber and do so a little at a time, to see if the fiber is responding well and if not, I can usually stop before it is too late.

Happy hair cutting and if you have additional tips or tricks you would like to share, or would like to share a photo of your successes, please contact us at the CCHD (Client Care Help Desk) as we would love to hear from you!

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