Natural Ways To Make Your Skin Glow

By CysterWigs’ Contributor

It is fall again. The leaves are falling and the humidity is dropping. Soon winter will be upon us and we all know what that means. As the temperature drops lower and lower, our skin scrambles to adjust to the dryness. I get the total disappointment of having a dry skin. We all get it once in a while especially during the winter where there is barely enough humidity in the air and it all feels so ashy and cold. Our skin reacts to these conditions as it is as expected. But who says that nothing can be done about it?

You can turn things around and transform that dryness into a glorious glow. There are quite a number of excellent ways to keep your skin fresh with that youthful grace all day long. And I’m not talking about synthetic products that may or may not break the bank. Nah. I’m talking about natural tips – easy, accessible methods that you can try for yourself. I will be sharing some of them with you below. Step into fall with some simple things that you can add to your skincare routine.

Natural Masks

Masks are excellent ways to rejuvenate the skin’s pores and restore their freshness. However, dermatologists confirm that it is preferably advisable to opt for masks composed of natural organic ingredients such as fruits, plant extracts and essential vitamins. These ingredients help brighten your skin regardless of the time of the year. They are great for moisture and they leave your skin feeling supple and clog-free.

Essential Oils

Coconut oil is a good go-to for glowing skin. It honestly works like magic and it works for every kind of skin type – from dry to oily. Natural oils such as carrot seed oil, turmeric, lemongrass, lavender and frankincense are among the best oils to make your skin glow. The benefits of these oils seem endless, from suppressing wrinkles, reducing fine lines, to soothing the skin and calming inflammation. Essential oils are indeed a blessing to the skin.

Crystal Face Rollers

Crystal Face Rollers are stones that are basically used for massaging the surface of the skin. They help releasing stresses and tension that might have been built up under the skin. It’s believed that these rollers can help combat wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. You can combine these face rollers with face serum. Rolling one of these across the face after applying a face serum opens up the skin pores.

Beauty Sleep

Yes, you read that right! Sleep!
Life is not so perfect and sometimes stress affects our productivity. When that happens, we tend to forget to relax our mind, body and soul. Did you know getting enough sleep can help offset the toll that stress takes on our body? As ordinary as it seems, sleeping up to eight hours a day can reduce stress and leave your skin feeling healthier. It is basically the cheapest way possible to help your skin, and the least regarded. It’ll also help your mind radiate, too.

Bonus points for thoroughly removing your makeup before going to bed at night. Let that skin breathe, girl!

Drink Healthy

I kind of hibernate in the winter. I spend most of my time indoors drinking my green tea and taking care of my skin and my mind. During fall, I drink plenty of water to prevent the skin from looking flaky and dull. Water flushes the body and takes out the toxins. Staying hydrated is a good way to maintain soft and glowing skin. Drink plenty of coconut water, green tea, carrot juice and almond milk for the best results.

You should note that these tips can be practiced all year round. Try working them into your beauty routine to keep that natural glow going from season to season.

Get Wild and Find Your Spirit Color

By devon


Funny thing. I created this quiz, and then I started seeing wild hair colors popping up in ads and all over Instagram again. I’m glad this is on trend! Anyway, if you’ve always wanted to try a super-vibrant, over-the-top shade, here’s the chance to discover a color that truly speaks to your soul. So keep an open mind, click away and have fun! Who knows. You might actually love the result enough to try it in real life.


How To Fill In Your Eyebrows

By Eseandre

What’s your brow situation like? Do you have thick caterpillar-like brows or are yours a little more on the earthworm side? Or are your brows on the non-existent side altogether? Well, this article was intended to help folks at all levels because even those of us with substantial brows get a little tweezer happy sometimes. So if you need a little help with your brows, I’m going to fill you in–well, help you fill them in.

You’ll just need a few simple tools and cosmetics like:

● a spoolie brush
● a concealer brush
● a brow pencil
● eyebrow gel or pomade
● concealer

Gather everything together and follow the steps below to correctly fill your brows.

Step One: Wash your face and dry it thoroughly along with your eyebrows.

Step Two: Place an eyebrow brush along the side of your nose, straight up to your brows to find out where to ideally start filling from.

Step Three: Take the same brush and this time angle it from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to determine where your brow filling should end.

Step Four: Take your spoolie brush and brush your brows upwards. This helps you see the thin spots in your brows.

Step Five: Take out an eye pencil and with short, light strokes, fill in the gaps in your eyebrow. It’s advisable that you choose an eye pencil the color of your hair for a more natural look.

Step Six: Take out an angled brush and apply a color pressed powder to better define the shape of your brows. Remember that the goal is to fill your brows and make them less uneven, but try not to overfill them. This would make your brows too thick and quite unpleasant.

Step Seven: Make use of your spoolie brush to brush through your eyebrows. This blends the pencil, powder and the brows together nicely and softens any thick lines.

Step Eight: Ensure your brows stay in place by combing it through with a colored gel or pomade.

Step Nine: After filling in your brows, to make the lines neater take out your concealer and concealer brush. Put some concealer on the brush and carefully run it through your brow edges. Clean off every lingering pencil line which disrupts the outlook of your brow.

When you are finished, your brows should have a natural, but well-organized look. Note that step nine is not necessary if you are opting for a very natural brow look. Practice this a couple of times, and you’ll be a pro at filling in your eyebrows in no time!

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Ways to Pamper your Skin this Fall

By CysterWigs’ Contributor

Fall tends to be the favorite season of many. It somewhat has the most ideal weather where it’s not too hot or cold. It’s not only loved for its cooler temperatures, but it’s also the time of year where people are excited for everything that the season has to offer–from family gatherings to other special celebrations. However, during the excitement of the season, we can’t forget one major thing–our skin. During the fall, your skin may become significantly drier due to the drop in temperature and as such, extra attention must be paid to it. So when the season changes, protect your skin with these four simple steps. And in return, your skin will thank you for loving it.


Water is truly the staff of life! Fall can be the most brutal season for your skin as the atmosphere tends to be drier than normal and this can remove water from your skin along with most of the moisture. Moisture loss can lead to lines and wrinkles. You can replace the moisture that is lost from your skin by applying a hydrating moisturizer to areas such as under the eyes after applying an alcohol-free toner. This will keep your face moisturized and looking as fresh as possible.

Listen to your skin

As silly as this might sound, your skin is the only thing that will be able to tell you what it loves and what is doesn’t. Your skin will react differently to each product when they have been applied in the initial stages. If you notice that after continued use of a product there seems to be no improvement or the state of your skin has worsened, it’s best that you discontinue using that product and find a better alternative. Also, try gradually easing into using new products as opposed to introducing them all at once. Doing too much too soon can wreak havoc on your skin.

Use sunscreen

Protecting your skin from UV rays is not just a summer thing. Sunscreen should be an essential regardless of the season as your skin is still very prone to being damaged by the sun which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. This is true even on a cloudy day. So don’t be afraid to be all geared up with sunscreen in hand! Be sure to use a sunscreen that contains SPF 15 and above for optimal protection.

Remember your hands and feet

We tend to overlook our hands and feet during fall season. Our feet might be in boots most of the time, but they still require moisture to prevent them from becoming dull and dry. Be sure to apply a moisturizing cream to your feet before putting your socks and shoes on. Also, given that you probably wash your hands a lot during the day, you might want to keep some hand cream nearby so you can apply it right after you wash your hands. This will help you keep them soft and moisturized.

Knowing that seasonal changes are bound to affect your skin, it is important that you make the necessary adjustments to protect and pamper it. So keep these helpful tips in mind to keep your skin soft, smooth and moisturized from season to season.

An Introduction to Choosing Make Up Colors by Kathleen

Hi folks Kathleen here with simple ways to determine what make up colors you should wear warm neutral or cool. This will be a basic introduction to the wonderful world of makeup. Above is a chart Heather (CEO & founder of CysterWigs) created. It makes determining your skins undertone easy. Once you know your skins undertone everything else falls into place. For instance my veins are a blue/green in natural light but can vary depending on the lighting conditions. I’ve always worn white & yellow Clearly I have neutral undertones but I do lean towards warm. That’s not uncommon. If you aren’t sure most likely you have neutral undertones. 😉

Lets make this simple the surface color of your skin is not the same as your undertone. Your undertone is what determines what foundation…warm neutral or cool you should get. Above is a graphic using a portrait I painted that demonstrates how your surface skin color doesn’t determine your undertone. Even though my clients both have warm surface skin colors Bishop Hodges has cool skin undertones whereas his wife has warm undertones.

Another hallmark of neutral undertones is my surface skin color and undertone are basically the same. Peachy…and my skin color will change depending on the lighting conditions or for example what color wig I wear. If I wear a vibrant red wig my skin will look warmer. Image 3 shows how some brands make it easy for you. The cool foundation isn’t mine but the other three are. Can you see how the cool foundation has a pink cast to it? The middle two the neutral shades have a peach tint and the warm foundation on the right has a yellow tint to it? No? No problem if you cant see the nuanced color changes between these. That’s why many brands mark C for cool, N for neutral and W for warm right on the foundation themselves. This takes the guess work out for you. I would suggest finding a foundation that clearly tells you what undertone the foundation is. It makes it so much easier. TIP: When choosing your foundation color look at your neck vs your face to find a good color match.

Now when I’m in a hurry and I just want to look put together …healthier I use my BB Cream above in image 4.

Now that you have determined what undertone your skin is cool neutral or warm and you’ve found a good foundation by matching the skin on your neck. You are ready to pick out a blush. This is easy too. For blush you should go with colors that are opposite of your skins undertone. Think of it this way. If you have a cool undertone and you pick a cool pink blush you will only look redder…if you choose a soft warm peachy/apricot colored blush it’ll give you a healthy more natural glow.

Image 6 is a simplified reference guide for blush colors. In general if you have warm undertones choose a blush that is on the cool side. On the other hand if you have cool undertones choose warmer blush colors. If you aren’t sure but think you are neutral you most likely will look fine in any color you choose. TIP: If you try a warm blush and it looks too matchy matchy try a cool blush and visa versa.

Image 7 illustrates the blushes I am currently using. One is cool and one is warm. I am neutral so I can use either one but most often I combine the two.

Layering your blush gives depth to the colors vs using one color. You will have a more natural healthier glow than using one color alone.

Image 8 illustrates what I do when applying blush. I apply where I naturally blush because I am going for a healthy glow. I don’t contour etc. Why not you ask? Well the short answer is because I’m I go for the least amount of work with the biggest payoff. Especially as we age we lose color in our cheeks and even our lips. So I brush the cool blush (remember cool blushes are for warm undertones) across the apple of my cheeks and up a bit. Then I use the coral highlighter (remember warm highlighters and blushes are for cool undertones) on the top edges of my cheeks. Since I have neutral undertones these two colors mixed together achieve that. I prefer a subtle color on a highlight. To me this reads healthy vs oooh look at that highlight!… 😉At my age there aren’t too many areas on my face that are wrinkle free and I really don’t want to bring atention to those 😂.

Above image 9 illustrates simply what is a cool warm or neutral color. For this example I am using pink. The cool pink has blue added to it. The warm pink has yellow added to it and the neutral pink has both these colors added to it which also brings down the intensity of the pink. If you see a color and you can’t tell if its cool or warm it most likely is a neutral version.

Here is one last color choice to look at. Lipstick…If you have warm undertones choose warmer colors and if you have cool undertones choose cooler colors. In my case since I have neutral undertones I chose a neutral pink. Its easy and will look good no matter what hair color I am wearing or what clothes I have on. Its my go to color. TIP: When choosing a lip color look at your natural lip color as your guide.

The take away here is makeup can be fun. For a quick heathy look a little foundation blush and lip color and you’re out the door. You don’t have to wear everything to look put together and healthy. ….but it is fun… eyes! Enjoy..🙋

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