What is the recommended care for a blended-fiber wig?

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Synthetic-safe care products will not damage the human hair in these blended-fiber wigs, but human-hair products may damage the heat-friendly synthetic fiber of the blend. We recommend that you use the same care techniques that you would for synthetics, since that material generally makes up about 70% of the wig.

Heather’s personal care routine for these wigs:

Use just a little fabric softener in lukewarm water and swish the hair around. There is no need for any scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

Rinse by filling a basin with clean, cold water and gently swishing. Repeat until water is clear.

Condition with a leave-in conditioner, such as Jon Reanu’s HD Smooth Detangler.

You may also want to consider using a silicon spray (like the Simply Stylin’ spray in our store) to restore the protective silicone anti-static coating on the hair between washings.

Gentle is the name of the game for keeping these wigs looking their prettiest!

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