Afraid of Getting Your First Topper? Read This.

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by Morgan

Alright, it’s time to go. Let’s see…I’ve got my chic purse, fancy watch, dangly earrings and… wig topper?

Okay, so wigs and toppers might not be a typical first pick that ladies turn to when piling on the accessories. But for women who are dealing with thinning hair or hair loss altogether, wigs and toppers might be at the top of their lists. These pieces offer stylistic creativity and an endless range of ever-evolving hairdo opportunities for who have lost their hair or for women who are looking to just change things up every now and then.

Have you been wanting to cross over into the world of toppers, but you’re afraid that you’ll get “found out.” Don’t be. If you’ve been super nervous about trying a topper, allow me to share my experience:

Hashtag fake hair, don’t care. Like getting a haircut or a streak of color in your ‘do, the way that you wear your hair naturally becomes a part of you—and those around you won’t care whether your strands are your own or if you’re showing off a new style. People color their hair and switch up their styles every day. If you’re worried about a stark contrast from your daily style, start small with a topper and build up from there.

But what about color matching? A big concern with gals is that a topper will be discernible from your own hair. The right color blends beautifully with your hair tone, and even you won’t be able to tell the difference. There might be a few tries in getting the perfect color, but if you ask a specialist, odds are they’ll be able to pick the perfect color to match your hair.

Your topper is not going to fall off. That thing is freaking sturdy, and it’s not going anywhere! Well-placed clips bind to your own hair effortlessly and stay in place all day. You can do anything with a topper, even go swimming! Haven’t quite tried this one yet, but apparently, it’s totally a thing.

Just do you. In my case, my stylist refused my bang request because my hair was too damaged. I was so nervous to get my first topper, but I made the plunge and I’m SO glad I did. Ultimately, your hair is another creative outlet to express yourself, and if you want to mix up your styles or wear your hair a certain way, DO IT!

It can be a little scary wondering what other people may think if you’re sporting hair that isn’t yours. But everything we don is an outlet for our own expression, and wigs and toppers are no different. If you’re on the fence, give it a go just once. You’ve got to feel it to believe it… there’s no better way to show yourself off than through a new hairstyle!

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A Bang-Up Job by CysterWigs’ Contributor Morgan

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After a few weeks with my Chameleon Topper, I decided that I wanted to trim down the bang length just a tad. The added volume and length is great, but I was eager to try something a little blunter—short, edgy, face-framing bangs.  Instead of schlepping it over to a seasoned stylist, I thought it might be fun to operate on my new blonde do with my own scissors (actually, they’re my mom’s).  I didn’t have a fancy stand, professional shears, or a good eye for bangs, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and risk disaster. Was it a hairy mess or a polished set of well-trimmed bangs, you ask?  Read on to find out.


Armed with my mom’s shears and some nervous creativity, I first examined the topper and noticed how the long bangs fell a little more to one side.  My aim was to even them out, and to do that, I needed to be careful to not cut too much from one side.  My goal was even bangs that rested slightly on and above my eyebrows. So I started by lightly dusting, aka trimming,  the ends and bringing the length up little by little.


After a snail’s pace of cropping, I placed the topper on my head to eyeball where I was at.  To my surprise, I hadn’t yet butchered it!  While it was on, I trimmed a few of the longer ends, being EXTREMELY careful not to slice my own locks.



After a few more cuts with the topper on my head, I took it off and dusted the ends once more to trim the length just a bit more.


Viola!  The longer bangs rose higher on my face and gave me the frame I had been looking for (ever since my stylist told me that she wouldn’t give me bangs due to damage and volume loss).  I’m giddy with the results of the cleaned-up bangs, and pretty excited to find that it was relatively easy to not decimate my lovely topper!


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Chameleon Topper by Raquel Welch

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