A Bang-Up Job by CysterWigs’ Contributor Morgan

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After a few weeks with my Chameleon Topper, I decided that I wanted to trim down the bang length just a tad. The added volume and length is great, but I was eager to try something a little blunter—short, edgy, face-framing bangs.  Instead of schlepping it over to a seasoned stylist, I thought it might be fun to operate on my new blonde do with my own scissors (actually, they’re my mom’s).  I didn’t have a fancy stand, professional shears, or a good eye for bangs, but I decided to throw caution to the wind and risk disaster. Was it a hairy mess or a polished set of well-trimmed bangs, you ask?  Read on to find out.


Armed with my mom’s shears and some nervous creativity, I first examined the topper and noticed how the long bangs fell a little more to one side.  My aim was to even them out, and to do that, I needed to be careful to not cut too much from one side.  My goal was even bangs that rested slightly on and above my eyebrows. So I started by lightly dusting, aka trimming,  the ends and bringing the length up little by little.


After a snail’s pace of cropping, I placed the topper on my head to eyeball where I was at.  To my surprise, I hadn’t yet butchered it!  While it was on, I trimmed a few of the longer ends, being EXTREMELY careful not to slice my own locks.



After a few more cuts with the topper on my head, I took it off and dusted the ends once more to trim the length just a bit more.


Viola!  The longer bangs rose higher on my face and gave me the frame I had been looking for (ever since my stylist told me that she wouldn’t give me bangs due to damage and volume loss).  I’m giddy with the results of the cleaned-up bangs, and pretty excited to find that it was relatively easy to not decimate my lovely topper!


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Chameleon Topper by Raquel Welch

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