What is a Silk Top wig?

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A Silk Top wig is one that is made of hand-tied monofilament, and then has an additional protective layer of material added to the wig. In the case of Shyla by Envy (HERE), this is a French Silk Chiffon. It makes Shyla very smooth on the inside, but also limits the stretch of the wig, making it unsuitable for extended sizes.

These are premium products and tend to carry very high-end prices as a result.

These are best suited for people who:

– can afford them (naturally)

– have a lot of scalp irritation

– have profound hair loss and do not want or need to wear wig caps under their wigs

– fit the cap size indicated (in the case of Shyla, that size is average or petite-average)

– seek comfort as a primary goal, and no other cap constructions have brought them relief, making this kind of expense worth the price tag

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Product Listing:
Shyla by Envy

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