Ways to Pamper your Skin this Fall

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By CysterWigs’ Contributor

Fall tends to be the favorite season of many. It somewhat has the most ideal weather where it’s not too hot or cold. It’s not only loved for its cooler temperatures, but it’s also the time of year where people are excited for everything that the season has to offer–from family gatherings to other special celebrations. However, during the excitement of the season, we can’t forget one major thing–our skin. During the fall, your skin may become significantly drier due to the drop in temperature and as such, extra attention must be paid to it. So when the season changes, protect your skin with these four simple steps. And in return, your skin will thank you for loving it.


Water is truly the staff of life! Fall can be the most brutal season for your skin as the atmosphere tends to be drier than normal and this can remove water from your skin along with most of the moisture. Moisture loss can lead to lines and wrinkles. You can replace the moisture that is lost from your skin by applying a hydrating moisturizer to areas such as under the eyes after applying an alcohol-free toner. This will keep your face moisturized and looking as fresh as possible.

Listen to your skin

As silly as this might sound, your skin is the only thing that will be able to tell you what it loves and what is doesn’t. Your skin will react differently to each product when they have been applied in the initial stages. If you notice that after continued use of a product there seems to be no improvement or the state of your skin has worsened, it’s best that you discontinue using that product and find a better alternative. Also, try gradually easing into using new products as opposed to introducing them all at once. Doing too much too soon can wreak havoc on your skin.

Use sunscreen

Protecting your skin from UV rays is not just a summer thing. Sunscreen should be an essential regardless of the season as your skin is still very prone to being damaged by the sun which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. This is true even on a cloudy day. So don’t be afraid to be all geared up with sunscreen in hand! Be sure to use a sunscreen that contains SPF 15 and above for optimal protection.

Remember your hands and feet

We tend to overlook our hands and feet during fall season. Our feet might be in boots most of the time, but they still require moisture to prevent them from becoming dull and dry. Be sure to apply a moisturizing cream to your feet before putting your socks and shoes on. Also, given that you probably wash your hands a lot during the day, you might want to keep some hand cream nearby so you can apply it right after you wash your hands. This will help you keep them soft and moisturized.

Knowing that seasonal changes are bound to affect your skin, it is important that you make the necessary adjustments to protect and pamper it. So keep these helpful tips in mind to keep your skin soft, smooth and moisturized from season to season.

Fall Makeup Trends 101

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By Eseandre

Hello, lovelies! Fall is here once again and designers and artists are just killing it with the makeup trends this year. From bold cheeks to two-toned lips, fall is going to be sizzling hot, and we have all the trends to make you the center of it all. Summer’s metallic eyes and graphic eyeliners are moving out to make room for Fall’s distinctive looks. Here are some makeup trends for the season.

Glossy Lips

Glossy lips are in again! If you didn’t master the matte look, no biggie. You’re now free to use a good lip gloss…or two…or ten. Glossy lips were popular on the runways this year. Totally understandable since it’s a comfortable, sleek and it is sexy look. It’s also easy to pull off. The good thing about this trend is that glosses are no longer as gooey as they were in past seasons and they also come in just about every color of the rainbow. So go ahead and gloss it up, girl!

Mauve Finish

Mauve represents the best shade when transitioning from warm to cool seasons. It makes you look amazing and also like you are not trying too hard. The best part is that you can rock this shade on your lips, eyes, and cheeks without committing any fashion infractions as it is very flattering on a wide range of skin tones. I especially love how actress Elizabeth Olsen makes this look work for her. Mix things up this fall and be mauve suave.

Sunset Eyes

Sometimes orange can be a tough color to pull off. But this fall, we’re not just following trends–we’re setting them. On the plus side, orange on the lids works for many skin tones. If you want to balance it and not look too loud, try its ombre version and you might just get mistaken for a supermodel. This daring trend is one that I absolutely cannot wait to try.

Feathered Lashes

False lashes in my opinion, are amazing. If you can master the look, they won’t look tacky. This season, don’t go for basic. Add some drama and softness at the same time with a pair of feathery lashes. These lashes will draw attention to your soulful eyes and make someone want to drown in them. Just keep the rest of your make up toned down with this look, and you are good to go.

Two-toned Lips

This look is one that captured the world by storm. Models, artists, and celebrities have all indulged in this look either on the runway or at shows. I love adding more color to my lower lip and using a lighter shade for the upper. Ladies, this is one trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Depending on the shades you use, it gives you that subtle worn for a while kind of finish which looks really good.

Subtly Highlighted Skin

Contoured skin is gradually fading from the radar. But guess what’s in? Highlighting. Lightly highlighting your face accentuates the areas where the light directly hits. Your cheekbones and brow arches have never looked good until you try this hack. Out with the contour, in with the highlight.

Dramatic Winged Eyeliner

For a more daring and fierce look, this is the trend to use. Winged eyeliners have a way of making its subject look not only beautiful but also really interesting. It gives that dramatic finish and lets everyone know you have arrived. This is perfect when trying to stand out from the crowd, I highly recommend it.


Makeup is definitely a must-have and when applied correctly, it just enhances your natural beauty. These trends are only ideas based on popular demand. They are not rules. So do what works best for you. When you look good and feel good, you’ll slay the season no matter what.

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The Hottest Fashion Trends for Fall

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By Eseandre

Fall is here! For some of us, that means festivals, family gatherings, all-pumpkin everything and cozy clothes weather. For the fashion-conscious, fall is a time to turn over a new leaf when it comes to personal style. Whether you live for the trends or you’re looking to amp up your look, fall is the perfect time to experiment and tweak your style.

Want to know the hottest clothing and accessory trends this fall? Then this article is for you. Here are a few things to keep on your style radar this season.

Fall In Love With Hats

If you’ve never thought about hats, consider a fedora. They’re great for fall and can pair well with your favorite coat, blazer or oversized sweater. When it comes to hats, it’s important to consider the shape of your face to know whether it suits you. But don’t be afraid to give this fashionable look a try. Fedoras come in a range of fabrics, from wool to straw. They also have wider brims if you want to go for more drama. So play around with fedoras or hats in general. You’d be surprised by how well one might look with your hair.

Go for Jackets

Whether it’s a leather jacket, a bomber jacket, a band jacket or a military jacket, jackets are always necessary for fall. They never go out of style and they give the warmth that is needed as the weather gets chilly. Jackets always come in stylish patterns that can work for most of your fall outings. They can also give you that fierce look while looking sleek.

If you have an old jacket that you can still wear, don’t be afraid to break it out. Retro looks always seem to be in. This year, you’ll see nods to the 80s and 90s, so go ahead and rock that cool denim jacket you had back in the day or that plaid jacket that you bought on a whim and never wore.

Jumpsuits and Maxi Dresses

Thanksgiving is the time when you get to catch up with family members that you haven’t seen in a while. Instead of going with that turkey sweatshirt or cornucopia sweater for your gatherings, why not try a look to really be thankful for. Try a sophisticated jumpsuit or a voluminous maxi dress. Jumpsuits are still in vogue and not leaving the fashion scene anytime soon. Maxi dresses are super appropriate for the fall season. You can wear either with a blazer, cardigan or a cute moto jacket, and either would look great with a stylish, short hair style or long flowing layers.

Give Yourself the Boot

Boots are always a must for fall. With all the options out there today, it’s possible to keep your feet warm and dry in stylish and comfortable ways. As mentioned before, retro looks are back. Only this time around, you can add some more funkiness to them. Animal prints are going to be big, so your boots don’t have to be boring. Get daring with zebra print boots or turn heads with pair of cheetah print thigh boots. Not your thing? No problem. Hiking boots, cowboy boots and even those 80s throwback looks are all in the fashion forecast for this year.

Statement Glasses

Put on your rose-colored glasses for real, because it’s all about colored lenses and statement glasses this fall. These lenses are trendy and can be worn by anyone. So if you bought some cool and totally outrageous sunglasses or frames, congrats! You’re on trend. And again, retro looks will work as well.

Purse First

Purses are definitely aren’t going anywhere and just like everything else, those styles from the 80s and 90s are in. That means chain straps, animal prints, neon brights, faux fur and even chainmail are good to go. Logo prints are back in, so break out those vintage designer purses if you have them. And if you’re over big, bulky purses, check out a necklace purse which is like a wallet or coin purse that you can wear around your neck.

Fall is filled with endless fashion possibilities. It’s a season filled with new style challenges for daring fashionistas on any budget. So explore the trends and don’t hold back. And you don’t have to give your credit card a workout to pull these looks off. Get creative with items in your wardrobe or check out your local thrift stores and consignment shops.

Also, you don’t have to take on a trend head on. For example, you want to try animal prints? Don’t go out and buy a zebra print jumpsuit. Maybe try a wristlet, scarf, tank or pair of flats with your outfit to incorporate the trend.

Fashion is about expression, creativity and comfort. If you’re comfortable and you love how you look in the mirror, you’re golden!

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Fall Color Ideas

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Color always seems to be a little bit richer and deeper in the fall. From food to fashion, nature to home decor, the season is filled with wonderfully rich shades.

As you look for a new wig shade to try, let fall be your guide. Here are a few colors to get you inspired by the season.