How to Wear Short To Long Wigs by Kathleen

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I have heard over and over again…oh I can’t wear long hair or oh I look awful in short hair. Oh I wish I could wear this or that. One of the biggest reasons we feel we can’t wear a certain length wig is our idea of what looks good on us. Most often its because we never had anything but the length we feel comfortable in. In my case I have super baby fine bio hair. BW (before wigs 😉) I wore pixies most of the time. Mainly because my hair didn’t look good in longer styles. Notice I said my hair didn’t look good not me.
I have experimented on lengths and colors for the last two or so years that I have been wearing wigs and have come to the conclusion that you can wear any length within What you need to know and understand is your face shape. Then you can choose lengths and styles that balance your face shape. Below (images 2 & 3 ) is CysterWigs easy way to measure and determine your face shape.

Its fun and easy to determine your face shape and you might be surprised with the results.

Its not only fun to find celebrities who have your face shape it helps you verify yours.

Wearing Mia by TressAllure in Sunset Glow

Now I have an oblong face shape. Basically an oblong face is an elongated oval face shape. Oval is the ideal shape. My face doesn’t scream out oblong at first glance. She isn’t super long and you might be thinking but aren’t oblong faces thin? Not necessarily. Your face shape has nothing to do with your weight or how fat your face is. A little fyi…you don’t see this straight on view (image 5) from me very often. I prefer a three quarter view…why you ask? Again its a balance thing and a three quarter view makes my face appear more oval. Measurements are important. As I remeasured the length of my face for this blog I realized its 4.5” not 4.25” like I always thought. So take your time to get accurate measurements.

It helps to know all your head measurements. One that I know I had been taking the wrong way for quite awhile until I saw Heather’s video was my ear to ear measurement. I think I had originally measured barely 11” which is really really small. After viewing Heathers video I measured and my ear to ear is 12.5” which is between a child and petite size. Soooo yeah I know my head is fairly flat up front. (insert intelligence joke here 😂) So in my finding wigs that look good on me balancing this out is also important.

Above in image 6 are some stills from Heathers video. Its pretty self explanatory how not to measure. Lol Fyi… I originally measured over top like the photo of Heather in the upper left of image 6.

In image 7 Heather demonstrates the right way to take your ear to ear measurement. Measure about 7” from your hairline to your crown. Now take the tape rotate it and keeping the tape at your crown measure from the bottom of your sideburn (this would be the bottom of the ear tabs on a wig) to your other sideburn.

I have found to balance my oblong face I need volume on the sides. This breaks up the straight line I have by softening or obscuring this line. A side sweeping bang is also something I look for as a way of visually shortening my face. The same goes for needing volume on top to balance my head shape. In all the wig lengths I want to wear I always keep this in mind. Now the fun part. Lets take a look at some of my wigs and why they work for me.

Lia works because she has side fringe and enough volume on top to give me the illusion of an oval face. The bangs on one side gives my face visual width right where I need it..mid face. Fringe/bangs especially a sweeping side fringe will break up the straight line and visual length of my forehead. This is especially important when I want to wear a longer wig.

Ahh my beloved Kahlua. She does the same thing as Lia but even more effortlessly because of the curls. Again visual width on the sides gives the illusion of an oval face. The height on top (mainly from the curls, not permatease) balances out my head to give me an ideal shape. The curly side fringe breaks up the visual space of my forehead and visually shortens the appearance of my face.

Dylan has enough hair and overall volume to work for me. I do play with the layering on the sides to get some volume along mid face. Even though she has an impeccable mono top there is plenty of hair to get some lift. The bangs look best when I let them sweep to the side (to visually shorten my face) as in image 10. Overall this style is the most universally flattering one I have.

Simmer works for me which I’ll admit came as a bit of a surprise. Normally straight longer styles accentuate my straight oblong face. Simmer has volume at the crown that visually helps balance out my head. And there is a beautifully sweeping side fringe and wave to simmer that does two things. The wave pattern gives me just enough width mid face to balance out the length of this style. The sweeping side fringe/bang has a little lift right at the part that gives me just enough volume to again balance her length that would have otherwise drawn the eye downward and would have made my face look longer and droopier.

Finn works on many levels..the volume on top and on the sides (especially mid face) is perfection for me. Finn is long but the visual weight is not at the bottom. The layers get thinner towards the bottom so the visual weight even with a wig of this length and texture is mid face. Again you have a sweeping side bang that visually shortens my face.

Last but not least you have the beautiful Sloane by Tony of Beverly. First of all she doesn’t have a lot of permatease so not a lot of volume on top right out of the box. I really had to work with her. The layering and hair fibers are so light though that I was able to get enough volume on top and still have her look very natural and believable. Her big loose curls/wave pattern also gives some width visually to my face. Notice I have her swept to one side in image 13. This gives me visual width mid face just where I need it. The take away here is that anyone can wear short to long wigs you just have to know your face shape and in my case head shape so you can look for wigs that balance out your unique face shape. These tips are for my face but the concept goes for everyone. Its certainly more fun shopping for wigs when you know what to look for. Enjoy!

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Finn by Estetica…Dream Hair by Kathleen

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Hi folks Kathleen here with my review of Finn by Estetica. I am on a roll with these “long” styles. Yes I love Finn…lol. I was hoping I would after seeing Heather (CEO & founder of CysterWigs) review her. Since my face is oblong I look for volume or better yet curls around mid face on me. Ahh this wig has that and in general is a beautifully balanced beachy wave mid length style.

I love their R30/28/26 color. Its really just a pretty very natural ginger color. Now if Estetica ever offered Finn in their gorgeous Irish red R133/24H I would gobbled up a gazillion of them..ahh a girl can dream. 😉

In Image 5 I have Finn pulled back in a low pony..she would be adorable in a sloppy updo or a messy bun. She has enough length in back to do a lot of things in the styling department. ☺️

Ahhh onto what makes Finn so special. Number one her amazing lace front…I hesitate to call it that because it’s so deep. You really could call it a three quarter mono top….or perhaps a partial mono top..honestly. Estetica’s lace fronts are beautiful and equally important consistently beautiful.

So here is Finn on my new wig head (that I love so much it’s bordering on obsession 🤣) The curls don’t just start abruptly . There is a nice amount of body that transitions beautifully into her curl/wave pattern. Images 7-10 illustrate Finn’s absolutely gorgeous texture. Her fibers are not shiny at all ( no need for dry shampoo here) and so fine and her density is very realistic. Amazingly well balanced design all the way around.

What I love about the back aside from this delicious curl pattern is just like with TressAllure’s Mia the back is longer than the front and sides but with Finn it also tapers to a soft v shape. Very flattering shape that visually elongates the body. In other words from the back and side Finn’s shape makes me look thinner. That’s a plus in my book. ☺️

Since the lace front is so deep you can part her anywhere. As a matter of fact when I first put her on I thought I read her description wrong and she had a mono top. Where ever I parted the front the lace went back so deep. Lets face it with curly wigs or dense wigs you can never see the part anyway so this is a huge plus in my book. I almost would rather have this deep lace front than my favorite lace front mono part combo. Especially on a heavily textured wig like Finn.

In image 12- 14 I compare Finn with Mia by TressAllure and Curl Up by Gabor. Here are three styles that have a lot of similarities. If you look at their specs they should all look pretty much the same…but they don’t. The closest on length is Mia but her curl pattern is quite different than Finn’s. Curl Up has a similar curl pattern to Finn but is much fuller and shorter.

As I wear her Finn’s curls loosen up a bit and she looks even more natural.

The side sweeping bang stays out of your eyes and at the same time if you want to style her back to show off this amazing lace front you can do that with ease.

Now about the volume and permatease on Finn. I think that balance is perfect. She has just enough permatease to cover wefts and to help with the style of Finn. No pillowy permatease. The majority of the volume you can get with Finn is through this gorgeous curl/wave pattern/texture. I have Estetica’s Autumn wig and you know how much I love it. Well Finn has much less permatease than Autumn. Just to compare with a wig you might be familiar with if you are a fan of Estetica. One reason I hesitated getting Finn was the fact that it didn’t have a mono part. Well as you can see in image 17 its not much of a problem. A few strands of hair strategically placed and you will never even know this wig has any permatease.

Image 19 illustrates this gorgeous curl pattern and this beautiful color. R30/28/26. This was taken in natural light outdoors. So even in natural light this color never screams at you with bold or garish colors or highlights. Very soft pretty light ginger auburn.

Ok so here is Finn above in image 20 in all her glory. Isn’t she the most gorgeous wig you’ve ever seen? I can’t believe I love two long wigs🤣 This is after a week of wearing her. She just gets better and better as time goes by. All I did from the initial out of the box photos ( specifically compare this photo with image 4)was repart her a little so she looks better on me and the part looks even more realistic. Put her on my head get my ear tabs all lined up and the nape in place and shake my head up and down ( think of the scene in Wayne’s World when they’re singing Bohemian Rhapsody. 😉) and I’m good to go. Honestly easy gorgeous hair right out of the box…Great for Fall or really anytime of year…I highly recommend Finn..enjoy!

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