Is the Gisele by Jon Renau somehow smaller than other long wigs from this line?

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From a customer email:

I have purchased Jon Renau wigs before, Victoria and Gisele, which I love!! The Victoria fits perfectly but I find the Gisele cap small, not sure if this is due to the weight of the hair, but it doesn’t sit comfortably and I wouldn’t feel comfortable to wear it out fearing it would slip off! Please can you advise me on which Zara would be best and the difference between the large cap and regular cap please?

The cap on Zara (average) is not nearly as small as the one on the Gisele. I have had the same issues with Gisele myself. I love that wig — but it definitely rides up in the back like whoa. I think it is a little smaller than some of the other long monotop Smartlace offerings, honestly. The ones I’ve owned, as well as some of the client feedback I’ve received, all support this, at least anecdotally.

I think if you have good luck with the regular Victoria, then the regular Zara should be ok. I have a suspicion the cap on Zara Large might be too big because it is REALLY big, especially in the back!

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