The Secret Of Asymmetrical Cuts – Why They Work

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By CysterWigs Contributor

Symmetrical facial features may be pretty attractive to the eyes, but when it comes to hair, symmetry can be super plain and boring. Asymmetrical haircuts have become somewhat of a standard in trendy styling, thanks to their ability to jazz up a look without overpowering one’s face. Asymmetrical cuts work for any hair length and texture, making them one of the top choices for versatility.

Wondering what an asymmetrical haircut is? Simply put, an asymmetrical cut is any haircut where one side of your hair is longer than the other. It works well for many traditional hairstyles, such as bobs, lobs, bangs, and even afros! Asymmetrical cuts also come in the form of two separate haircuts combined into one. This could be anything from a 90’s-style pixie cut and bangs combo, or an extreme, edgier pairing like a shaved side and a lob.

Asymmetrical cuts aren’t just trendy, fun and a great way to express one’s personality, they’re also a great way to draw attention to the best parts of your face and put less focus on the features that you may see as flaws. Many pro cosmetologists and hairstylists commonly turn to asymmetrical cuts as a way to give their clients a great cut when they may feel like they don’t quite know what cut suits their face best. This is because asymmetrical cuts are great at balancing one’s facial features. For instance, a crooked nose or ears that protrude can be made to appear much more prominent with a perfectly symmetrical hairstyle. This is because the perfect symmetry of the cut provides allows for a certain degree of plain-ness, and therefore allows for ‘odd’ features to stand out more than you’d like.

An asymmetrical bob or pixie can do wonders for your appearance, like making your face look slimmer – which is perfect for those with round or chubby faces that wish to distract from the roundness of their face.

Thinking of getting an asymmetrical haircut to jazz up your look? Go for it! Asymmetrical cuts work so well on any face shape and hair type that there’s an almost nonexistent chance that you won’t love it. Take a look at our selection of asymmetrical wigs and find the look that’s right for you.

The Bang: Your Wig Salvation?

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Why You Should Try A Wig With Bangs

By: CysterWigs Contributor

When it comes to choosing a wig, every wig lover knows that the option they choose often involves tons of scrutiny and second-guessing based on one very bothersome detail – the part.

Middle part or side part? The answer truly depends on your personal preference. Both are stylish and can suit your look the way you want it to. However, any experienced wig wearer knows that a crappy part can ruin the look of a wig. Over-tweezed parts make your wig look thin and patchy, while under-tweezed parts can cause a wig to look really fake. Luckily for you, there’s a way to skip the pressure of perfecting your part altogether, while still rocking a flawless wig that suits you.

What’s the answer to your wig woes? One word – bangs. Why?

They’re quick and easy

Wigs with bangs are true lifesavers when it comes to saving time. Getting ready surely takes enough time as it is, and the last thing that you want when you’re running late for work or to that business meeting is to have to attack your wig’s hairline with gel or glue to ensure that the baby hairs look their best, or apply foundation to your part to help it look as natural as it can.

With bangs, there’s no hairline or part to worry about every time you wear your wig. Simply pop the wig on, brush and go! It’s that quick, and looks just as stunning.

They’re a style sensation

Bangs will never go out of style, and that’s for sure. Nothing beats the bold look of blunt, thick bangs, or the casually cute look of wispy bangs. They can look as natural and effortless as you want, or they can be a major fashion statement for your look. It’s up to you!

Bangs work on every style of wig. Your options are quite endless. Bobs or long tresses, straight or curly, thick density or natural density – bangs are so versatile.

Thinking of bangs? Consider your Face Shape!

Finding a wig with the right bangs is essential. Your face shape plays a grand part in the style you choose, as some bangs can highlight your best features better than others.

Round face? A wig with thick, side swept bangs can slim your face while bringing out your eyes.

Square face? A wig with straight bangs that rest right at or below your eyebrows balance your face without dragging down your features.

Heart-shaped faces pair well with wigs with layered bangs swept across the forehead to bring attention to the center of your gorgeous face.

Oval faces pair well with pretty much any type of bangs! Lucky you! You’re free to browse many types of wigs, and even to wear several with different bang styles.

Bangs are no longer the style of the dorky girl on TV – that trope is long outdated. Bangs are now fashionable and just plain fun to wear.

Added to the time that you’ll save every day getting ready, there’s definitely no reason for you not to get your hands on a wig with bangs ASAP!

New Year Hair Resolutions

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By Eseandre

New Year’s is here, so new resolutions are in order. But, whilst making resolutions concerning your health, wealth and family don’t forget your hair. The hair you wear and love is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. When you’re feeling sassy, you grab your sassy hair. When you’re feeling bold, you put on a style that shows how fearless you are. Your wigs are an extension of you. So, if you haven’t been giving them the attention they need, or you’ve only been shopping for them halfheartedly, you definitely to make a few hair resolutions for 2019.

From hair care to wig style versatility, I’m going to help you develop some new #goals. So, buckle up because hair we go.

Take better care of your hair

If your wigs always look like they could use some TLC, you need to come up with a regular maintenance routine. Not sure where to start? Do some homework and check out CysterWigs Knowledge Base, official store blog and YouTube channels for tips and tricks that’ll help you put your best hair forward. If you haven’t been taking care of your wigs, no more excuses! Many of us don’t have money to burn. By neglecting your wigs, you might as well just flush your money down the toilet. You need to start protecting your investments. With your bio hair, you have to wash, condition and treat it on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy. Same thing goes for those wigs–unless you like wearing pieces that look kind of old and dusty. Make a resolution to take better care of your hair.

Try new things

If you’ve been wearing the same style for the last two years, it’s time to move on. CysterWigs has sooooooooo many options! Curly, straight, wavy, short, long, ultra-short, mid-length—the possibilities are endless. Switch up your usual look and opt for something that you’ve been wanting to try. Go blonde if you’ve always been a brunette, try a fringe, a ponytail, curls, the works. The goal is to stand out this year instead of blending in. So, feel free to explore other styles to freshen up your look.

Accessorize more

From pins to clips and bands, we all know that hair accessories can add a special touch to your look. But instead of just grabbing them for the gym or windy days, make a statement with them anytime. If you wear long wigs, try a low ponytail or fishtail braid with a cute hair tie. Or if you have a shorter do, try a flower hair clip by your ear. Look around to find some inspiration. You’ll be amazed what you can find on the Internet. This year, try new ways of accessorizing. Your hair deserves pampering too. Don’t be afraid to enhance it and show it off!

The New Year is filled with so many fresh possibilities. Don’t keep holding on to old habits. Get creative, get dedicated and be more adventurous in 2019!

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2019 Hair Trends to Watch For

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By CysterWigs Contributor

In 2019 we’ll see hairstyles from the past return and we will see some new and fun hairstyles take the stage. Everything from low maintenance bangs to 60s inspired fringe can be expected throughout the next year with some emerging fashion changes as well.

The biggest trend expected for 2019 is 60s-inspired hairstyles and clothing. This trend can be embraced by folks of all ages, too. Everything from fringe to neon bobs and Jackie Kennedy-inspired styles will be making a full comeback. Another trend that has never fully left is the 80s edge. So this calls for big, wide headbands, crazy beautiful colors and of course gorgeous blowouts and curls.


2019 will be the year for big hair accessories! Large clips, headbands and scarfs, diamond studded clips and more that were popular throughout the 90s will be making an appearance come spring.


The blunt 90s style bob, a style named after the bottom line due to the drama it creates, has already been seen on many of celebrities and social media influencers. Let’s face it. The bob isn’t going anywhere. So, don’t be afraid to try this style out when you’re shopping for wigs.

You may have already noticed the trend of top knots, but in 2019, we’ll see top knots transform into all kinds of crazy styles. You’ll see them in their traditional form, as well as lower on the head and mixed in with messy buns and braids. Speaking of braids – Neo Braids, or box braids, will be another trend to watch for. This type of style is always open for interpretation. You can add a braid to a long, luscious curly wig or scatter braids all throughout your wig, giving you more of a rebellious look. If you don’t want to take a stab at braiding, try a style that already has braids.

Bang, Bang!

Bangs can change any hairstyle either subtlety or dramatically depending on how they’re cut. Shorter bangs can be edgy, while longer bangs or fringe can frame the face nicely. In the upcoming year, we’ll see fringe bangs, longer bangs with messy buns, or bangs pulled back behind cute hair accessories. So, if you’ve always wanted to try a wig style with bangs, go for it!