My First Year in Wigs: What I’ve Learned – Part One By Rachel

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Part 1. Don’t let your first wig be a long heat friendly synthetic. You will be sad. Very sad.

Well, I just finished up my very first full year of wearing wigs! It has been QUITE a journey and I’ve learned a lot about wig wearing and what works for me. Here is one of the many things that I have learned over the last year.

My very first wig purchase was VERY impulsive and full of so many emotions. Almost anyone could have lead me down the wrong track or got me to spend a million dollars and I probably would have done it. I just wanted to feel confident about my hair again.

I had lost a ton of hair from Alopecia Areata and went to my high school reunion. I felt so unhappy with myself over my hair. I hardly had any confidence with the tiny amount of hair I had left. After the reunion was over and I got home, I went straight to a local salon that sold wigs. I knew absolutely nothing about wigs so I wanted someone to educate me for a couple of hours so I could come out with a bachelor’s in wig wearing. Well, instead I left that salon with a $400 long heat friendly synthetic wig and some supplies to take care of it. I was told if I was used to curling and heat styling my hair everyday (which I was) then I would need a heat friendly wig I could style with heat tools. WRONG.

Within one week the wig was a tangled frizzy mess and I cried (and cried some more) because not only had I lost almost all my hair, but I had a new opinion that wigs ABSOLUTELY SUCKED since they cost way too much money and only could last about a week. I wondered how in the world anyone ever got away with wearing wigs on a regular basis.

Well, luckily, I quickly found Heather’s videos for CysterWigs on YouTube. I even found a video of her reviewing the exact wig I had purchased at the salon which she recommended to NOT use as an everyday wig. *facepalm*. I wished those folks at the wig salon had been as honest with me as Heather is in her videos! I should also mention that the $400 wig I purchased in the salon is only $240 at CysterWigs. This was a HUGE lesson learned for me.

I learned that heat-friendly synthetic fibers are totally different from the fibers on regular synthetic wigs. The heat friendly fibers are much more likely to tangle and snag on clothing from friction and they are more difficult to untangle than regular synthetic fibers.

So what did I do next? I watched about a MILLION (okay seriously…maybe 100?) videos that Heather made on YouTube to help me decide which wigs I needed next. The attention to detail, explanations and honest opinions that she provided about the wigs she sells helped me make very informed decisions when buying my next few wigs. I also started saving a TON of money by purchasing from CysterWigs instead of purchasing at the local salon. I received better information and better pricing just by becoming an online CysterWigs shopper!

As for long heat-friendly synthetic wigs? I still believe they do have a time and a place for wear. They are, personally, not my first choice. For a weekend wig or a wig that you want to heat style every once in awhile, they’re great! Short heat-friendly synthetic wigs are a totally different animal. I actually love them and am not at all afraid to wear them on a daily basis if they don’t hit my clothing or shoulders because that means they are much less likely to tangle. Short heat- friendly synthetic wigs are fun to heat style! Here is a video about styling a short heat-friendly synthetic wigs:

If you are about to make your first wig purchase I highly recommend not buying a long heat-friendly synthetic wig right out the gate. There are a lot of options for regular synthetic wigs out there and the wonderful people at the CysterWigs help desk can help you find an easy to wear style that works for you. Also be sure to check out the CysterWigs YouTube channel for informative wig reviews, color spotlights and more.

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Heat-resistant and heat-friendly synthetics (the real pros and cons)

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From a customer e-mail:

Do you know if heat-friendly wigs tend to frizz? Do they last very long? Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

  • They are not a durable as regular (non-heat-friendly) kanekalon synthetic fibers
  • The good news: they are also not as shiny, so they tend to look a lot more like natural healthy human hair . . . at least, at first
  • They are more prone to styling damage; because they are marketed specifically to people who want to style their hair, you can see why this causes problems!
  • This hair is more elastic, so it is more prone to friction damage
  • Friction damage causes a lot of tangling, especially at the ends and at the nape
  • Friction also causes the hair to “clump” almost immediately as you wear them, which is a hallmark feature of most heat friendly fibers
  • They are often marketed as an inexpensive alternative to human hair, but they do not style as easily as human hair wigs do most of the time, and they are not nearly as durable (if you REALLY want to style your wigs, just get the human hair; it’s more expensive, but you will be MUCH happier with your hair!)

Some things to note about this stuff…

  • Human hair / heat-friendly blends are much better than heat-friendly synthetics on their own, and the combination has proven much more durable in our product tests.
  • We know that heat-friendly synthetics are the rage right now. At CysterWigs, we do not recommend them for everyday wear unless they are above the collar in the back at the nape.
  • NEVER use anything more finely-toothed than a wide-toothed comb on your heat-resistant synthetic wig!
  • Wet heat (steam) is better than dry heat (conventional styling tools) if you want to prevent styling damage! (Hooray for physics!)
  • Use a silicone spray regularly to keep clumping to a minimum. (Note: we didn’t say “prevent” . . . because no matter what you do, it’s going to happen!)

This is an excerpt from our CysterWigs Knowledge Base. Check it out on our private site to see over 500 articles all about our store, wigs, and how to wear the hair!

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