Are there any styles similar to the discontinued Statement Piece by Raquel Welch?

Statement Piece by Raquel Welch is such a gorgeous style! It’s so sad she’s been discontinued, we do have some amazing similar styles though! I’ve included some suggestions below:

Alessandra by Jon Renau

Intoxicating Spice by BelleTress

Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch

**Time to state the obvious, ugly truth: Please keep in mind that these styles/shade suggestions are just recommendations from us here at Cysterwigs! We are in no way, shape, or form pushing you to purchase a certain style or color. Simply giving our suggestions. (Which we LOVE btw!) Any time you purchase a wig without seeing it in person first or trying it on, you are taking a risk.

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Is the Gisele by Jon Renau somehow smaller than other long wigs from this line?

From a customer email:

I have purchased Jon Renau wigs before, Victoria and Gisele, which I love!! The Victoria fits perfectly but I find the Gisele cap small, not sure if this is due to the weight of the hair, but it doesn’t sit comfortably and I wouldn’t feel comfortable to wear it out fearing it would slip off! Please can you advise me on which Zara would be best and the difference between the large cap and regular cap please?

The cap on Zara (average) is not nearly as small as the one on the Gisele. I have had the same issues with Gisele myself. I love that wig — but it definitely rides up in the back like whoa. I think it is a little smaller than some of the other long monotop Smartlace offerings, honestly. The ones I’ve owned, as well as some of the client feedback I’ve received, all support this, at least anecdotally.

I think if you have good luck with the regular Victoria, then the regular Zara should be ok. I have a suspicion the cap on Zara Large might be too big because it is REALLY big, especially in the back!

This is an excerpt from our CysterWigs Knowledge Base. Check it out on our private site to see over 500 articles all about our store, wigs, and how to wear the hair!

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My First Year in Wigs: What I have learned – Part Two by Rachel

Part 2. Believe me! Don’t use that brush on synthetic hair!

Well I just finished up my very first full year of wearing wigs! It has been QUITE a journey and I have learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work for me. Here’s another thing that I’ve learned during my year of wearing wigs.

After I got past the whole issue of purchasing a long heat friendly synthetic as my first wig, I learned another valuable lesson in wig wearing. Even though you are going to be tempted to use that detangling wet brush on your synthetic wig, DON’T DO IT!

My next two wigs I purchased on my journey were Miranda by Jon Renau and Rachel by Jon Renau. Both of these styles were actually pretty curly out of the box. When you get a curly wig, the curls tend to be VERY defined right out of the box because they were just styled at the manufacturer. Now the styling is in your hands. Many of us wig wearers don’t like to wear those well-defined curls right out of the box. We like to separate them a little bit so they’ll look a little more natural and “self-styled” before we wear them out in public. So what did I do with those luscious curls right out of the box? I took a Wet Brush and brushed straight through the curls to separate them. Well, that TOTALLY backfired. *facepalm*

When you brush through a wig (even with a great detangling brush like Wet Brush) it over-separates the beautiful curls on the wigs. So instead of having natural-looking curly wigs, I ended up with poofy afro-like wigs. It was a total bummer and took a lot of work to even make them wearable in public. Especially the Rachel style by Jon Renau. It took a lot of wetting, combing, and silicone spray to get it in wearable shape.

So what are you really supposed to do to separate those curls? Use your fingers! I honestly wouldn’t even recommend a wig comb for this. I have a couple curly wigs that have NEVER had a comb touch them. I only use my fingers for Mila and Girl Mono. Longer wavy or very loosely curled wigs like Blaze will definitely require a light combing (with an actual wig comb) after wearing it, but don’t over do it! If you just take it easy, you can avoid a frizzy mess!

So again, I leave you with this advice. Avoid using brushes on your wigs, folks! They will make you sad!

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You can see all of Rachel’s posts here. Part one of the series is located here and part three is here.

Why can’t I find a monotop wig that looks like Reese from Noriko?

From a client email:

I absolutely love Reese, but only wear monofilament tops now. I was super excited when it came out in mono, but alas, was only a mono part…not a fan of those. And no lace front! I keep hoping one if the wig companies will come out with a wig that looks like Reese, but is either 100% hand tied or at least full mono top.

There are Reese-style haircuts available in a monotop, they are just tricky to spot for reasons I will explain below.

Delaney by Envy is a good example. Another good example is Diane by Jon Renau.

Here’s the thing — you won’t be able to reliably reproduce the volume of a wig like Reese without the permatease, which is why it’s difficult to identify that these mono styles are similar to their non-mono counterparts. Without the built-in volume, they look like fairly different styles, even if they’re cut the same!

This may explain why even though these products already exist, many people have difficulty recognizing that they are similarly shaggy styles. Without the built-in volume that permatease provides to synthetic wigs, these styles will look a little deflated by comparison.

Of course, with the high demand of Reese with a monofilament, Noriko released a Reese with a partial monofilament. The partial monofilament cap gives you the best of both worlds: permatease for the lifted style and the natural look from the monofilament part.

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Product Listing Notes:
Reese by Noriko is also available in a large cap size.