The Differences Between Prosthesis Wigs and Fashion Wigs.

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By Julia

Most people think wigs are for people who lose their hair as a result of cancer medical conditions or other treatments. However, many people who haven’t lost their hair wear wigs to change up their hairstyles.

When it comes to selecting a wig after chemotherapy treatment, there’s a reason why prosthesis wigs are recommended over fashion wigs. Fashion wigs are just that–wigs that you can make a statement in. They’re merely designed to allow you to change up your look. While these wigs are stylish and cute, some aren’t necessarily suited for everyday wear. That’s not to say that you can’t wear them. Some people do. Just know that some of these styles aren’t always built to go the distance.

Prosthesis wigs are made to fit better and many have natural-looking hairlines. They’re precisely tailored to meet the needs of sensitive skin, as with chemotherapy patients. Many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy find that their scalps are very tender. The inside of prosthesis wigs are lined to provide further comfort.

There are some minor differences in the hair quality and construction of prosthesis wigs and fashion wigs. Fashion wigs were created to change your look as well as the fashion of your hair. They’re made with different materials, and the insides may not be comfortable for women whose hair loss is due to medical conditions.

Prosthesis wigs have a soft lining to protect the sensitive scalp. The linings are usually breathable. For people with hair who wear fashion wigs, their hair acts kind of like a cushion to prevent irritation and to make wear more comfortable. With prosthesis wigs, additional protection might come in the form of velvet or other soft fabric edgings. This provides the best breathability.

Furthermore, prosthesis wigs are made in a variety of sizes. With most fashion wigs, there are clips and hooks with elastic straps for size adjustment. For people with a sensitive scalp, these may irritate as they stick out from the cap and can poke into the skin. In many prosthesis wigs, there is a velcro-based soft fabric lined adjustable strap that allows for precise and comfortable adjustment.

In Conclusion

Prosthesis wigs are created with the highest quality materials to give patients the most natural look without negatively impacting the ease of use. Again, while fashion wigs can be trendy and stylish, they’re not always the best when it comes to everyday options. But should you go that route, look for wigs that are lightweight, breathable and made with materials that won’t irritate your scalp. Ultimately, it’s about the style you want and how comfortable you are in it.

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