Why can’t I find a monotop wig that looks like Reese from Noriko?

From a client email:

I absolutely love Reese, but only wear monofilament tops now. I was super excited when it came out in mono, but alas, was only a mono part…not a fan of those. And no lace front! I keep hoping one if the wig companies will come out with a wig that looks like Reese, but is either 100% hand tied or at least full mono top.

There are Reese-style haircuts available in a monotop, they are just tricky to spot for reasons I will explain below.

Delaney by Envy is a good example. Another good example is Diane by Jon Renau.

Here’s the thing — you won’t be able to reliably reproduce the volume of a wig like Reese without the permatease, which is why it’s difficult to identify that these mono styles are similar to their non-mono counterparts. Without the built-in volume, they look like fairly different styles, even if they’re cut the same!

This may explain why even though these products already exist, many people have difficulty recognizing that they are similarly shaggy styles. Without the built-in volume that permatease provides to synthetic wigs, these styles will look a little deflated by comparison.

Of course, with the high demand of Reese with a monofilament, Noriko released a Reese with a partial monofilament. The partial monofilament cap gives you the best of both worlds: permatease for the lifted style and the natural look from the monofilament part.

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Product Listing Notes:
Reese by Noriko is also available in a large cap size.

Is there a way to decrease the amount of permatease in a wig?

From a YouTube comment:

Hi Heather, I have a Reese by Noriko but can’t wear it because of the perma-tease. It looks like I’m wearing a football helmet, lol. Anything I can do to decrease this perma-tease?

Well, in all seriousness, the best way to do this is to avoid buying permateased wigs. Now, I know that sounds like a gigantic cop-out, but it really isn’t. Here’s why:

Decreasing the permatease in this wig will cause it to lie flat. In a style like Reese, that will completely change the entire style of the wig. That wig is supposed to be a voluminous, layered shag.

If you were able to remove the permatease completely, such as by steaming it straight or by – YIKES! – pulling it out (which I have heard people have done!), you would find the wig completely unwearable. It would be destroyed, because the permatease not only gives the wig body, but it hides the wefts on the top of the cap. Without it, those tracks can easily become exposed, which is a common problem with wigs with lighter amounts of permatease.

Some companies that make wigs with smaller amounts of permatease in the cap (like Jon Renau, for instance) strongly advise against moving the part in the hair from where it is when you get your wig, because that is usually the only part of the wig with enough permatease to cover the tracks on the top of the cap well enough so that the wefts don’t show through. They don’t do this to be cheap or chintzy, mind you. They do this because so many customers demand wigs with minimal amounts of permatease, and they are simply responding to that demand the best way they can.
Remember: Permatease is a key structural component of any wig where you find it, just like the monofilament is in a mono wig.

So while you can steam it to flatten it out, or apply a bunch of styling product to the top of your wigs to keep flyaways under control, you’ll want to accept these for what they are.

In this specific example, Noriko wigs are ALWAYS kind of voluminous and rounded. That and layering are what that brand is known for, honestly. (Though at one time, they were also known as pioneers in rooted coloring on synthetic hair . . . but now everyone does it!) The Amore line is a much better bet if you want to stay within that color palette and away from the permatease poof. Just remember, there’s no way to get the kind of volume you’ll find in a wig like Reese WITHOUT that permatease, so all of the Amore wigs (which are mono top) will be a little flatter and conservative by comparison. 😉

This is an excerpt from our CysterWigs Knowledge Base. Check it out on our private site to see over 500 articles all about our store, wigs, and how to wear the hair!

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Reese by Noriko