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Stress is present in our daily lives. The pressure at work, family problems, difficulties in studies, etc. are some stressors that can adversely affect your appearance and body as a whole. Stress negatively affects us everyday thanks to the frenetic pace of life and the high levels of self-imposed activities to which we are subjected. Thus, in times of increased workload, our skin might be dull, lifeless, have enlarged pores or even be quite red. Also, one of the worst consequences of stressed skin is the decrease of its protective barrier, so it becomes fragile and more sensitive to external aggressions.

How stress affects the skin

Stress can trigger a chemical reaction in the body to become more sensitive and reactive. Have you observed that when you’re stressed, you get more pimples? This is because the skin produces more cortisol and other hormones in your body, which tells the sebaceous glands to produce more fat, which causes acne and other conditions. Stress can worsen existing skin problems such as:

Psoriasis – a condition that occurs when cells grow too fast causing irritation
Rosacea – a condition that produces permanent redness, swelling, pimples, and visible veins
Eczema – a condition that causes redness, swelling, and itching. It is common for people with skin conditions to feel insecure and thereby experience more stress, making the problem worse.

Stress can also trigger an adverse effect on the barrier function of the skin, thereby causing water loss and reducing the skin’s ability to heal itself especially after an injury has occurred. This can be evident in people with pre-existing skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, as it slows the entire healing process down. It also dries out the skin. Depending on your body’s reaction to the increased production of cortisol, your skin can end up becoming too dry. Cortisol can hinder the elasticity of the skin and water retention, thus dehydrating your dermis.


Relax your mind. Many stressed people forget that they can embody a way of life that limits stress altogether. It is essential you take time every day to meditate or relax. Even taking a few deep breaths can help ease stress.

Nourish your body. Eat a healthy diet rich in whole grains and whole fruits and vegetables. Fish containing omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, mackerel and herring is especially suitable for your skin.

Exercise. Physical activity boosts circulation, which battles the effects that adrenaline can have on the skin. In other words, physical activity helps your complexion. When there is more blood flow to the skin, there are also fewer toxins, less cellulite and more healthy, radiant-looking skin.

Sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in limiting cortisol. During sleep, our skin repairs what has been damaged during the day. Make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep for healthy stress-free skin.

To Sum Things Up…

The correct way to minimize stress is to live healthily: sleep well, hydrate and have a fixed work routine that is pleasant as possible. Say goodbye to stress and give way to healthy skin full of life — hydrated and perfectly renewed!

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Natural Ways To Make Your Skin Glow

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By CysterWigs’ Contributor

It is fall again. The leaves are falling and the humidity is dropping. Soon winter will be upon us and we all know what that means. As the temperature drops lower and lower, our skin scrambles to adjust to the dryness. I get the total disappointment of having a dry skin. We all get it once in a while especially during the winter where there is barely enough humidity in the air and it all feels so ashy and cold. Our skin reacts to these conditions as it is as expected. But who says that nothing can be done about it?

You can turn things around and transform that dryness into a glorious glow. There are quite a number of excellent ways to keep your skin fresh with that youthful grace all day long. And I’m not talking about synthetic products that may or may not break the bank. Nah. I’m talking about natural tips – easy, accessible methods that you can try for yourself. I will be sharing some of them with you below. Step into fall with some simple things that you can add to your skincare routine.

Natural Masks

Masks are excellent ways to rejuvenate the skin’s pores and restore their freshness. However, dermatologists confirm that it is preferably advisable to opt for masks composed of natural organic ingredients such as fruits, plant extracts and essential vitamins. These ingredients help brighten your skin regardless of the time of the year. They are great for moisture and they leave your skin feeling supple and clog-free.

Essential Oils

Coconut oil is a good go-to for glowing skin. It honestly works like magic and it works for every kind of skin type – from dry to oily. Natural oils such as carrot seed oil, turmeric, lemongrass, lavender and frankincense are among the best oils to make your skin glow. The benefits of these oils seem endless, from suppressing wrinkles, reducing fine lines, to soothing the skin and calming inflammation. Essential oils are indeed a blessing to the skin.

Crystal Face Rollers

Crystal Face Rollers are stones that are basically used for massaging the surface of the skin. They help releasing stresses and tension that might have been built up under the skin. It’s believed that these rollers can help combat wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. You can combine these face rollers with face serum. Rolling one of these across the face after applying a face serum opens up the skin pores.

Beauty Sleep

Yes, you read that right! Sleep!
Life is not so perfect and sometimes stress affects our productivity. When that happens, we tend to forget to relax our mind, body and soul. Did you know getting enough sleep can help offset the toll that stress takes on our body? As ordinary as it seems, sleeping up to eight hours a day can reduce stress and leave your skin feeling healthier. It is basically the cheapest way possible to help your skin, and the least regarded. It’ll also help your mind radiate, too.

Bonus points for thoroughly removing your makeup before going to bed at night. Let that skin breathe, girl!

Drink Healthy

I kind of hibernate in the winter. I spend most of my time indoors drinking my green tea and taking care of my skin and my mind. During fall, I drink plenty of water to prevent the skin from looking flaky and dull. Water flushes the body and takes out the toxins. Staying hydrated is a good way to maintain soft and glowing skin. Drink plenty of coconut water, green tea, carrot juice and almond milk for the best results.

You should note that these tips can be practiced all year round. Try working them into your beauty routine to keep that natural glow going from season to season.