Can I turn a full wig into a topper?

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From a customer e-mail:

If I could trouble you for your professional opinion…..I saw a Heidi JR in shaded peach locally and fell in love. My ideal situation would be to have this wig trimmed down into a half wig or large topper and have my bio hair free underneath. My bio hair is a level 4-6 brunette like the rooted shade of Heidi.

Would this look completely bizarre?? I see women all the time that have heavily highlighted top layers with undyed natural colour underneath….but Heidi doesn’t have any low lights so that makes me hesitate.

This question is a two-parter.

For the first question:

I actually think Heidi would be a great wig to turn into a topper – and it’s a very easy thing to do, too! 🙂

Before I tell you how, I have one question: does your biohair have a similar texture? That is my only reservation here. You will want it to blend in . . . though it may look kind of cool if you got the back of your hair cut really short and tapered like an angled bob, thus negating the need for the textures to match. The integration is the tricky part with toppers. The texture is more of a dead giveaway than a color match because if your hair is slightly darker, like you mentioned in your example, then the topper could just look like it’s adding highlights / lowlights. Texture is much harder to pass off like that.

If your texture matches, then the rest is easy-peasy! All you would have to do is cut the monofilament top free from the rest of the wig – which should be easy to accomplish due the obvious seams – and then sew in some Jon Renau pressure-sensitive clips into the back and sides of the mono parts.

You may also want some lace tape for the lace front, and Lace Let Go to protect these delicate features (and your skin!) while removing the topper at night.

For the second question:

It will NOT look bizarre at all, provided the textures match or you have another strategy like the stacked-bob solution I mentioned above. Your dark hair color will look very pretty with this kind of highlight added to it, and will look like a traditional “stacked” color, which is typically darker at the nape, anyway.

Here’s a video tutorial on this:

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