A conversation about combs (and brushes)

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From a customer e-mail:

I was wondering about the fact that you use plastic, most other shops only sell metal brushes and combs for wigs, is there a reason you use plastic? I never knew that using plastic was okay, I was always told use metal brushes and combs to prevent static.

I’ve heard this before. I think it’s one of those “common knowledge” sorts of things that isn’t really true.

The thing is, most of the static actually just comes from wearing the wig. The strands rub up and bump up against each other and that is what makes the tangles happen. The composition of the comb makes little, if any, impact on the static build up.

It’s actually much more important, in my opinion, to focus on the teeth of the comb and how wide and thick they are. The instruments we use to style the wigs can do a lot of damage – not due to static, but due to PULLING. This pulling causes human hair to break and synthetic hair to snap back and kink into place until the ends of the wig feel like an old dish sponge. Using a comb with teeth that are very thick and wide apart minimizes how much of the hair can get caught in the teeth and minimizes pulling via extension. 😉

This, by the way, is why combs are preferable to brushes. If you need to use a brush, though, go for one that is loop-ended or made specifically for wigs and use it as infrequently as you can possibly get away with. Brushing is WAY harder on your wigs than combing with a good, thick, wide-toothed comb! Besides, people who are telling you to use metal brushes . . . are trying to get you to buy their metal brushes. 😉

PS – One more thing about the Jon Reanu comb: I just really like that comb 🙂

The comb from Jon Renau is super-lightweight (so easy to carry in a purse or pocket), gentle as a lamb on your wigs, has an ergonomic handle, and nice wide teeth. It’s my favorite wig comb from any of our brands, which it is why it’s the only one I’ll carry.

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