Replace Your Nape Adjusters With Velcro by Kathleen

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Hi folks Kathleen here with an easy tutorial and my thoughts on the much debated pros and cons of the various nape adjusters on wigs. What is the best? What is your favorite?

There are three main types of nape adjusters on wigs. Image two illustrates them all in a side by side comparison. Upper left (my Logan by TOB in Sangria) illustrates the velcro type. Upper right (my Aubrey in Tangelo by TOB) illustrates the hook type adjusters and then lastly on the bottom (My Anatolia in CWAP by BelleTress) illustrates the bra type buckle adjusters. Nape adjusters all do the same job. They make a wigs circumference smaller where need be. Some do the job better than others.

Velcro are my favorite adjusters. Why? You can get an exact fit and it doesn’t come undone or loosen up the entire time you are wearing your wig. If you are new to wigs there is one thing to be mindful of with velcro adjusters.
TIP: Once you make your adjustments leave the velcro where it is. Do not undo and redo the velcro every time you wear your wig. The soft felt on the nape will get fuzzy and the “teeth” on the velcro won’t work as well. Even when you wash your wig leave the adjusters where they are.

My next favorite are the hook type adjusters. My complaint is the fit isn’t as precise as velcro and in my experience the hooks can unhook from the loops just from normal everyday wear. There is an easy remedy to that though. Once you have made the adjustment and you are happy with the fit take a stitch or two with a needle & thread so the hook can’t pop out of the loop.

My least favorite are the bra type adjusters because they loosen up during wear. The ends also have to be tucked away so they don’t show. Now you can take a stitch once you have your fit perfect just like with the hook type adjusters but to me it’s not worth it. Another problem I have encountered are the buckles used are often cheap plastic that crack and break and then are useless.

Image 3 illustrates my Anatolia by BelleTress after I removed the plastic buckles used in BelleTress’s bra type adjusters and before I replaced them with velcro. Anatolia came to me with cracked adjusters already. Not really shocking since they are flimsy plastic to begin but still very annoying.

I used my old dull kitchen scissors to cut off the remaining plastic buckle. This was very easy and didn’t take any strength on my part to achieve. Just be careful not to cut the elastic adjuster band.

After searching the web for thin velcro to use I came across this velcro (image 5). It’s for making doll clothes. I wasn’t quite sure what color to get so I got a brown and a beige. Its double sided. In my case I only needed one piece (the hook side) for each side of the nape for the elastic bands because the soft felt nape acts as (the loop side).

All you need is a spool of all purpose thread a needle scissors the velcro of course and the most important item a thimble. I “added” one to my photo in image 6. I couldn’t find mine to save my life so I used the side of my scissors which was not ideal. 😜 I cut two pieces of velcro about 3/4” long. I didn’t need to pin these pieces in place. All I did was hold the velcro in place with my fingers while I sewed. These pieces are so little it wasn’t cumbersome at all. I sewed it on the top (the end) and two sides. This velcro is very thin and soft and if I had a thimble the time to sew it on would have been cut considerable.
TIP: Use a thimble. 😉😂

Image 7 illustrates the after. It actually was easier to sew on than I thought (especially if a thimble is used 😜). I’m no seamstress but I think it came out looking pretty professional.

While I was at it I removed the tags as well. The take away here is if you haven’t purchased a wig because it doesn’t have velcro adjusters now you can. Just replace the nape adjusters with velcro. Its easy peasy!

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Logan by Tony of Beverly

Aubrey by Tony of Beverly

Anatolia by BelleTress

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Wig Keeps Falling in My Face!

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Email from client:

“I have Eve by Jon Renau right now but I can’t wear it because the front falls in my face.”

Since you’re having an issue with Eve falling in your face, which can be a problem with styles like these sometimes, I do have some suggestion which might be helpful for you. Basically the wig needs to be trained to stay out of your face and one way of doing so is putting it in cold water, placing it on a head form/wig stand, and clipping the hair using hair clips where you desire. Often the drying helps speed up the training process.

Another thing you can try is a hair cream or holding spray. The contour creme is really ideal for styling and sculpting the hair and keeping pieces out of your face.

Another way to train is to use a streamer. You can use a wig approved round brush and then apply a little steam. Allow it to cool some and that will help redirect the hair. One tip, if you use a round brush, be careful not to get the bangs tangled and stuck.

Last of all (and the most extreme) you can trim the bangs which changes the look, but does keep the bangs in place. If you do go this route we highly recommend have a professional stylist with experience trimming wigs do this for you.

I hope this information proves helpful for you in keeping Eve out of your face.

This is an excerpt from our CysterWigs Knowledge Base. Check it out on our private site to see over 500 articles all about our store, wigs, and how to wear the hair!