Taz’s Wig Closet: Amanda SF by Belle Madame in Champagne Root

I’m really obsessed with Amanda by Belle Madame! Amanda is a short modern bob –  a must for summer !  I love all the razored layers at the ends.. so chic and flattering.  What I believe sets this wig apart from other similar bobs is the quality and comfort of Amanda.  Let’s start with the very fine lace front.. soft and sooo realistic.  The mono top allows for lots of styling options. It has an open wefted back for coolness, but still has a beautiful swingy movement.  The fibers are very soft and fine in texture.  The realism of this wig is right up there with the best.  I feel free and pretty in this wig.. no fussiness.  Have a great summer! ~TAZ


Taz’s Wig Closet: Amanda by Belle Madame in Champagne Root

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Amanda by Belle Madame

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