Taz’s Wig Closet: Kona by BelleTress

Welcome to TAZ’s Wig Closet!  Grab your beach gear and lets go!  Kona by Belle Tress is the perfect short wavy cut for summer.  Easy breezy wavy texture that mimics the choppy waves of the ocean.  Kona features a lace front, left mono part and open back.  Its very light and cool.  I love the carefree nature of this wig.  All day wear is simple. NO mirror, NO problem!  This wig will look the same when you take it off as you did when you put it on.  A “set it and forget it” style.  Enjoy!  TAZ

Taz’s Wig Closet: Kona by BelleTress

Kona by BelleTress (product listing)


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