The advantage of human hair wigs

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By CystersWigs’ Contributor

Wigs come in many different fiber options—synthetic, heat-resistant synthetic, human hair and human-synthetic blend just to name a few. Synthetic wigs are a popular choice for the budget-conscious wig lover. These wigs tend to have smaller price tags, which is great if you love to chase the trends. But if you want an option that looks, acts and feels like your bio hair, human hair is the way to go.

Human hair wigs may cost more, but if you take good care of them, you can protect your investment and wear these wigs for a long time. Here are a few more reasons to consider human hair if you haven’t before.

Better quality hair

If you only wear synthetic wig, upgrading to human hair can make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Human hair wigs are made with real hair, and it feels and moves just like your own. We won’t blame you if you can’t keep your hands out of it.

Human hair wigs come in two main categories—remy and non-remy hair. Remy hair wigs come from one source, so the hair’s natural cuticle will be intact, and the cuticle faces in the same direction with every strand to prevent tangling. Non-remy hair comes from multiple sources, so the cuticles won’t face the same direction. To remedy this, manufacturers might partially remove the cuticle which sometimes cause tangling. But that doesn’t mean these wigs are inferior to remy wigs. Like with anything, if you stay on top of your care routine, your wig will look good regardless.

They’re heat styleable

One of the downsides to synthetic wigs is that when you choose a style, that is it! You can’t change the style unless you go with heat resistant wigs. But with human hair wigs, you can blow dry, curl, straighten, crimp or whatever takes your fancy. That means with just one piece, you can have several different styles, instead of being stuck with just one. Don’t go crazy with the heat though. Just like bio hair, human hair wigs can become damaged if you use too much heat and the wrong styling products.

They can by dyed

As the seasons change, you might want to revamp your look. With the human hair wigs, you can actually dye them if you want to switch up the color. Well, by “you” we actually mean you should have a professional take this on. Cheaper dyes like what you’d find at the drugstore and beauty supply stores can ruin your wigs. So if you want a new color, let a stylist who specializes in wigs handle this task.

To sum things up, human hair wigs can be a great alternative despite the price. If you stay on top of your care routine and store them properly, you can wear and enjoy your investment for a long time.

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