The Bang: Your Wig Salvation?

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Why You Should Try A Wig With Bangs

By: CysterWigs Contributor

When it comes to choosing a wig, every wig lover knows that the option they choose often involves tons of scrutiny and second-guessing based on one very bothersome detail – the part.

Middle part or side part? The answer truly depends on your personal preference. Both are stylish and can suit your look the way you want it to. However, any experienced wig wearer knows that a crappy part can ruin the look of a wig. Over-tweezed parts make your wig look thin and patchy, while under-tweezed parts can cause a wig to look really fake. Luckily for you, there’s a way to skip the pressure of perfecting your part altogether, while still rocking a flawless wig that suits you.

What’s the answer to your wig woes? One word – bangs. Why?

They’re quick and easy

Wigs with bangs are true lifesavers when it comes to saving time. Getting ready surely takes enough time as it is, and the last thing that you want when you’re running late for work or to that business meeting is to have to attack your wig’s hairline with gel or glue to ensure that the baby hairs look their best, or apply foundation to your part to help it look as natural as it can.

With bangs, there’s no hairline or part to worry about every time you wear your wig. Simply pop the wig on, brush and go! It’s that quick, and looks just as stunning.

They’re a style sensation

Bangs will never go out of style, and that’s for sure. Nothing beats the bold look of blunt, thick bangs, or the casually cute look of wispy bangs. They can look as natural and effortless as you want, or they can be a major fashion statement for your look. It’s up to you!

Bangs work on every style of wig. Your options are quite endless. Bobs or long tresses, straight or curly, thick density or natural density – bangs are so versatile.

Thinking of bangs? Consider your Face Shape!

Finding a wig with the right bangs is essential. Your face shape plays a grand part in the style you choose, as some bangs can highlight your best features better than others.

Round face? A wig with thick, side swept bangs can slim your face while bringing out your eyes.

Square face? A wig with straight bangs that rest right at or below your eyebrows balance your face without dragging down your features.

Heart-shaped faces pair well with wigs with layered bangs swept across the forehead to bring attention to the center of your gorgeous face.

Oval faces pair well with pretty much any type of bangs! Lucky you! You’re free to browse many types of wigs, and even to wear several with different bang styles.

Bangs are no longer the style of the dorky girl on TV – that trope is long outdated. Bangs are now fashionable and just plain fun to wear.

Added to the time that you’ll save every day getting ready, there’s definitely no reason for you not to get your hands on a wig with bangs ASAP!


  1. ana a
    February 6, 2019 / 10:16 pm

    I couldn’t agree more! Bangs are where it’s at! Unfortunately, few wig makers offer styles with great bangs. Many wigs can be styled to include bangs, but for me, I’m all thumbs and it’s difficult to find a qualified stylist who has the confidence and know how to style wigs.

  2. Ruth
    February 10, 2019 / 2:12 am

    Oh yes, I agree too. I am a bangs gal of many years. Very difficult to find a bangs wig, especially curly or wavy. And it’s very difficult to see just the hair you want, but nope, can’t cut across that swirl or swoop, so that wig is out! I successfully trimmed a fringe bang in Charlotte by Tress Allure and it works great. It was easy because it was already there. Now she is much more ‘me’. I recently purchased Skylar by Tress Allure. I have not had to trim the bangs. I would love feedback from people that successfully have either trimmed bangs into a wig (name brands and colors please) or found one or more that worked for you.

    • Gina
      February 11, 2019 / 4:10 pm

      Hey there Ruth! Thank you for commenting!

      Oh gosh, yes!! Curly hair with bangs is so cute. My very first wig was Jessica by Jon Renau because I loved the bangs on her. I know she’s a little longer than the two wigs you mentioned but I would totally recommend checking her out.

      I also trimmed bangs on a wig that we no longer carry here at CysterWigs. I would say it is best to start off long and have a wig steamer on hand to help curve the bangs. Oh and always practice on a wig that you are willing to part with. 🙂

      Thank you again for commenting! Have a lovely day!

      • Ruth
        February 11, 2019 / 6:13 pm

        Thanks Gina! Yes, she is too much hair for me right now. I could grow into her though. Thanks for the suggestion. She is in my wish list and who knows, I could change my mind tomorrow lol. I don’t share how back and forth I am about hair right now, unless it’s with another wig wearer. 🙂

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