The Hottest (but really coolest) Wigs of Summer: Part Three

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Last week, I shared ten of the CysterWigs team’s favorite summer wigs. Now it’s time to reveal the final five picks. You probably know everyone by now, so I’ll spare you the clever intros. Let’s just get to the meat…or meat substitute of this post.

Kathleen had Isla by Tony of Beverly  on her list of summer picks. I can see why. This look is smoooooking hot and not for the shy…or maybe it is if you’re looking to bust out of your shell!

Isla by Tony of Beverly is a chic bob with amazing layering, a ready-to-wear, 100% hand-tied lace front and a unique cap design. Not only is this a sultry, modern look, but it’s also comfortable to wear. Another reason why it’s a must — it features lighter and more stretchable elastic around the entire cap for a more custom fit. That means the cap will mold to the shape of your head. And the best part is that Isla is available in 44 shades. So go ahead and try one in a summery color like Sangria, Malibu, Seashell or Sunset Red.

Nancy had Winner by Raquel Welch on her short list of short styles. This wig happens to be a best seller for the brand. This ready-to-wear style is a textured cut that’s easy to style and comfortable to wear.

This wig is probably a best seller because it’s known to be flattering on almost every face shape. It also comes in a wide variety of colors. Nancy said she comes back to this one year after year. It’s totally understandable because Winner is a light wig that looks beautiful and breathes well. It’s also ready to wear and requires virtually no maintenance or styling whatsoever! It’s the perfect choice for parties, weddings or even just sitting on your patio and relaxing. No matter what summer brings, you’ll always look like a winner in this wig.

So for these last two picks, I’m going to toss my own suggestions into the ring.

My first pick is Sarah by Jon Renau. Why this one? While I haven’t tried it personally, I saw it on our fearless leader, Heather, in a recent color spotlight video. Heather does this mermaid/pinup girl hair flip in the video, and the hair just looked so natural and beachy. The curls sprung back into place effortlessly and the color was beautiful. I figured I’d toss this one out there for those of you who love longer hair even in warmer weather.

Sarah features high-end, 100% hand-tied monofilament cap that is stretchy, comfortable and lightweight and an 100% hand-tied SmartLace front. This wig is also available in Jon Renau’s new California Blonde Collection colors. To me, this is flower crown hair. I can see a flower crown or a pretty jeweled headband on this one. Or if you want to keep things simple, you can switch up the part or even pin it back.

Now my second pick is one that I’ve actually tried out and liked — a lot. It’s Rae by Rene of ParisI’m not trying to act like an expert or anything. I’m still a noob (newbie) to the wild and wonderful world of wigs. But I got my hands on this one in Pastel Blue-R and I had fun wearing it.

Rae  is a saucy girl. If you’re not afraid of pastels or vibrant colors, give this one a whirl. Rae is an A-line cut with a tapered nape and loose wavy layers that frame the face to the chin. She features a 100% hand-tied lace front and monofilament part that makes styling easy. Now to be completely up front, I wore this in the comfort of AC and my sports bra. Just keeping it real! I always run hot year-round, so I was surprised that this one didn’t make me feel itchy or sweaty after two seconds. I loved the color and shine of the hair, too. As for styling, I just shook it out, put it on and scrunched it up with my hands. As I played with it, the style took shape and I could even picture other looks for the wig — pinned back, tied back with a shorter scarf or accented with some small braids around the face. I plan to wear her out soon really to prove to myself that I can be sultry and daring anytime.

There you have it. Five more wigs to consider for the summer. I hope the team’s picks have been helpful or have inspired you to find a new look for the warmer months. And if you’re feeling a little meh about our picks, no biggie. Feel free to share what has worked for you when the temperatures start to rise. Anyway, have a great summer and no matter what you decide to wear, just make sure you wear it proudly.

Hugs and high fives.

Snaps and wig caps,

devon the social media fairy


  1. Kathleen Ryan
    July 3, 2018 / 9:52 am

    Totally love this…great job explaining all these different styles..all so gorgeoues in their own ways..;-) xxox

    • July 3, 2018 / 1:42 pm

      Thanks, Kathleen! Thanks for all of your picks as well!

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