The Secret Of Asymmetrical Cuts – Why They Work

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By CysterWigs Contributor

Symmetrical facial features may be pretty attractive to the eyes, but when it comes to hair, symmetry can be super plain and boring. Asymmetrical haircuts have become somewhat of a standard in trendy styling, thanks to their ability to jazz up a look without overpowering one’s face. Asymmetrical cuts work for any hair length and texture, making them one of the top choices for versatility.

Wondering what an asymmetrical haircut is? Simply put, an asymmetrical cut is any haircut where one side of your hair is longer than the other. It works well for many traditional hairstyles, such as bobs, lobs, bangs, and even afros! Asymmetrical cuts also come in the form of two separate haircuts combined into one. This could be anything from a 90’s-style pixie cut and bangs combo, or an extreme, edgier pairing like a shaved side and a lob.

Asymmetrical cuts aren’t just trendy, fun and a great way to express one’s personality, they’re also a great way to draw attention to the best parts of your face and put less focus on the features that you may see as flaws. Many pro cosmetologists and hairstylists commonly turn to asymmetrical cuts as a way to give their clients a great cut when they may feel like they don’t quite know what cut suits their face best. This is because asymmetrical cuts are great at balancing one’s facial features. For instance, a crooked nose or ears that protrude can be made to appear much more prominent with a perfectly symmetrical hairstyle. This is because the perfect symmetry of the cut provides allows for a certain degree of plain-ness, and therefore allows for ‘odd’ features to stand out more than you’d like.

An asymmetrical bob or pixie can do wonders for your appearance, like making your face look slimmer – which is perfect for those with round or chubby faces that wish to distract from the roundness of their face.

Thinking of getting an asymmetrical haircut to jazz up your look? Go for it! Asymmetrical cuts work so well on any face shape and hair type that there’s an almost nonexistent chance that you won’t love it. Take a look at our selection of asymmetrical wigs and find the look that’s right for you.

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