Walt Disney World – In A Wig! by Moxie

We recently came back from a 5-day trip to Walt Disney World, and I wore a wig the entire time I was there. Folks, it CAN be done, and quite comfortably too! We spent 4 days in the parks and resorts in a number of situations, and not once did it feel awkward because I was wearing a wig.

The Preparation:

I took two wigs with me to Disney. My “park wig” was a Belletress Kona that is a bit older and was starting to show the signs of the dreaded synthetic frizzies on the ends. I chose this wig for a few reasons:

  1. The wig cap fits me like a dream – it’s like it was made for my head. I especially like that the eartabs come down nice and low, and the back nape doesn’t ride up at all, so it has a very secure fit and never feels like it’s going to go flying off. Choosing a comfortable and well-fitting wig cap is the single most important criteria, in my opinion.
  2. Kona has a lot of body and beachy waves which work so well in Florida. If the wind blew the waves around it was no big deal.
  3. It was already showing signs of wear so I didn’t feel bad about thrashing it around on park rides or subjecting it to the sun and humidity.
    Because it was already starting to frizz, I cut about an inch or two off the ends to get rid of the frizzies and to shorten the wig a bit to make it cooler on my neck. It ended up being around chin length, which was perfect.

The other wig was a brand new Jon Renau Scarlett. This was primarily a backup wig and I only wore it for nice evening resort dinners. I rolled it up nicely and stored it in a quart-size ziploc bag, and just shook it out when I was ready to wear it.

My bio hair is about a half inch long currently, so I didn’t mess around with wig caps, glue, or tape. I did sew a wig clip into each eartab on both wigs. This secured the wig well enough that I never had to worry about it. If I had more hair or no hair, the situation may have been different, but this worked well for me.

As for other supplies, I took along a Jon Renau wig comb and a bottle of Simply Stylin’ Wig Spray. I can’t recommend the Simply Stylin’ enough. I used it on the park wig each night to smooth out any tangles/frizzies and to keep it smelling fresh.


Everybody always wants to know about getting through airport security with a wig. I had metal wig clips in both my wigs and both times that I went through TSA security at the airport were super-easy. The clips didn’t set the metal detectors off and nobody ever said anything to me about wearing a wig.

The Pool:

We didn’t get any pool time in this trip, but typically for pool use I’ll bring along a 3-4 inch wide microfiber headband, like the one pictured below. I use this to pull the wig hair up off my face and cover the edges of the wig. It’s more comfortable and one less thing I have to worry about.

Disney’s Secret Wiggy Weapons:

There are two things at Disney that are a wig-wearer’s DREAM.

Minnie Ears Headbands: I wore a different pair of Minnie Ears every day on park. The headbands are just a little extra insurance to make sure that everything stays in place, plus they are insanely FUN and CUTE!! I would arrange most of the wig crown hair to the back of the ears, so it kept the bulk of the waves off my face. Seriously, get a pair or three of Minnie Ears as soon as you arrive. If you really aren’t into the kitsch of the ears, just bring along a couple of plain headbands!

My collection of Minnie Ears so far:

Mouse Ears Beanies: We don’t typically ride the big thrill rides, like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Rock N Roller Coaster, or Tower of Terror. Soarin’ at EPCOT is about as crazy as we get. That said, if I did ride any of the faster rides, I would absolutely get a mouse ears beanie (the retro kind with the elastic strap that goes under your neck), and I would put it on specifically for those rides. The neck strap should keep the wig secure. The good news is that you’ll blend in nicely with the crowd AND you’ll look cute in the ride photos.

One huge advantage to wearing a synthetic wig at Disney is that the heat and humidity will not affect your hairstyle. You’ll always have perfect hair, especially for photos! Several Disney Cast Members and guests commented on how nice and cute my hair looked even in the heat. One Cast Member wanted to know how I got such great looking curls. The only real con that I can think of is that in the worst Florida heat, you’ll likely start to “feel” the wig, but it’s really no worse than wearing a hat.

So there you have it! Disney in a wig is totally doable. Let me know if you have any questions. 😊

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  1. February 13, 2018 / 4:30 pm

    Ahhh what a fun post :-)…great idea about the caps and Mini ears..lol when we went I would clip a pressure clip or two through my wig and hair for extra insurance on the thrill rides..lol..but the Mini Ears is a fun idea…and you’re right..my hair always looked good even with rain and I was complimented on my hair(Cali by TOB in Sunset Red ) which has never happened before…such wonderful photos so glad you had a fun vacation….Best Kathleen

  2. February 14, 2018 / 12:20 am

    Glad you did a post about traveling with wigs. I’ve traveled to France quite a few times with my wigs. I store them in my carry-on because they are more important than any clothing and I want them close at hand. The airlines can’t lose a carry on if it is with you at all times!
    In addition, I actually did set off the TSA buzzer once. I started to laugh, explained that I had a wig on and would gladly take it off if they would lead me to an area that could be secluded. I didn’t have to take it off and the TSA people were very nice. We all had a good laugh.
    Also–I keep a longer and really ratty wig with me to put up in a messy bun for when we go to the beach or pool. I’ve swam in it with no problem.
    Thank you for a great post!!

  3. Robbie
    February 14, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    What a wonderful, much appreciated post. I went to Universal in Orlando in December without my wigs and wanted to cry when I saw pictures of myself. I was afraid to wear one on the plane and afraid it would be too hot (it was actually freezing one of the two days we were there and me with my practically bald head trying to buy a wool hat :(. Never again! I am taking my daughter back to Orlando in May and you can be sure I’ll be taking my new O’solite Jon Renau Sheena wig and wearing my other new Kris. I am addicted to Jon Renau and the gorgeous 101F4T which is the most natural, glamorous gray blond color ever! Enough for my commercial haha. Love love love CysterWigs and their sincerely kind phone folks. Once again, thank you so much for this post. It truly is invaluable to me!!!!

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