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We love playing with hair — and we hope that you do too!
There are lots of great reasons to embrace the wear of alternative hair!
Here are just a few…

  1.  Wigs are fun!
  2. You can reinvent yourself on a daily basis!
  3. Have you always wanted curly hair? Or straight hair? Or red? You can have it in SECONDS  with a wig, without having to break out the mousse.
  4. Sometimes wearing a wig can actually save you hundreds of dollars you might have spent at a salon!
  5. Doesn’t everyone want to live in a world without bad hair days ever again for the rest of their life? 😉
  6. Wigs can provide you with confidence and even take years off your appearance!
  7. We are on a mission. More than 10 million women of childbearing age have a condition called PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It is the most common cause of female-pattern hair loss in pre-menopausal women. We want to help them find their dream hair!
  8. A lot of women lose their hair for a bunch of reasons. It’s NEVER their fault. We understand that and want to be a compassionate place for them to rediscover their beauty.
  9. Sometimes gentlemen like pretty hair too. And you know what? We love them too!


Thank you for visiting our little corner of the interwebs.


PS: Please be sure to contact our awesome Client Care Help Desk or visit our private, secure Wig Knowledge Base and Interactive Community if you have any questions!


– Heather and the Team @ CysterWigs.com



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