What do you mean by “Medical Grade”?

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Medical wigs are made to be used as prosthetics (hair replacements) as opposed to fashion or cosplay wigs, which are worn to look cute but are not meant to be worn by folks with medical hair loss. Medical wigs tend to have comfort features and high end finishes. These include felt, silicone, or polyurethane in the caps to aid with grip and comfort when worn against a bare scalp. If they have lace, the lace is precut. (This is not the case in fashion and cosplay wigs, where they emphasize customization of the hair line over ease of wear.) That’s the general rule of thumb, at least. Some brands blur those lines, like Rene of Paris, Ellen Wille’s Changes and Perucci lines, and the newer crop of Estetica wigs. These all tend to skimp on higher end cap features in favor of fast production and trendier styles, similar to fashion brands.

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