What if your insurance won’t cover the cost of your hair?

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From a customer e-mail:

Do you have any recommendation for people who need a wig due to PCOS but their insurance doesn’t cover it? I’ve asked my insurance company if they’ll cover a full cranial prosthesis but they will not. My doctor is in support of me getting one due to the alopecia and less willing to write me a script but it’s a no-go through the plan.

My insurance never covered it, either.

You can either shop around for a different insurance policy — one that covers these sorts of things — or resign yourself to the fact that you just have to save up your money and wait for a sale. That is what I had to do all throughout college and all throughout my life as a cubicle-dwelling office employee. Trying to “fight the system” can be very difficult and time-consuming. The results are not guaranteed, and you may out yourself as a wig-wearer in the process. However, if you are willing to put up the fight, and are okay with these things, then there is no harm in trying.

FACT: Most people with chronic, gradual hair loss will not be able to get their wigs covered by their insurance. The vast majority of wig wearers with PCOS pay for their hair out-of-pocket . . . which is why we constantly run sales to try to help them out.

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