What is a wefted wig?

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By Julia

A weft is hair fibers (synthetic hair fiber or human hair fiber) that have been stitched/sewn onto a material to create a row of hair strands. Wefts usually make up basic wig caps. Wigs made like this tend to be at the cheaper end of the wig scale, but they’re big on volume and can be comfortable to wear. The wefts can help provide a nicely styled look, and help hide the construction of the wig from view.

Wefts can come in many varieties. You can have wefts made out of natural human hair or those made out of synthetic fibers. Whether you choose one or the other will depend on many factors, most importantly the amount you are willing to spend.

Importance of a Wig Weft

One of the key advantages of wig weft is that it is airy and breathable, allowing for better air circulation to keep your head cool. This is idea for those living in warmer climates people who get hot easily.

Wig wefts incorporate a seam that holds a base of hairs together on the cap, with the top of the construction usually left as an open cap. Having wig wefts allows the scalp to breath whilst the wig is worn. The presence of wefts throughout the middle of the cap means that there is no solid cap incorporated in the wig. The end result is a light and breathable wig that is comfortable for the wig-wearer.

If you have a sensitive scalp, wig wefts should not cause any irritation. Wefted wigs are easy to maintain as they do not move around and remained firmly attached to the scalp. They only need to be washed and conditioned from time to time. With a proper and consistent care routine, you should enjoy a great deal of wear from these wigs.

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